Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cuff Links!

I hadn't made cuff links before - and had a custom order for some. I am so happy with how these turned out! And I've totally fallen in love with the format of a cuff link. I'd been hesitant about making any as I've never worn them, nor do I know any men that wear them - I guess I'm sheltered?! But now that I have, I'm totally looking forward to making some more.

If any cuff link wearers have any tips for things they like or don't like - I'd love some opinions!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Handmade Division "Talk About" August Edition

This month's installment of the talk about blog for Handmade Division "Talk about something you'd like to create, that you maybe don't have the skills or technology to do currently? "

One of the many dreams I have is to design formal evening gowns and jewelry together - a fabulous necklace and designing the neckline around the necklace, that sort of thing. My sewing skills are pretty limited - and well, no sewing machine! ha ha! In theory, teaming up with a clothing designer would work too, but then time becomes more of the constraint. I love the idea of creating really ornate and non-traditional 'fine' jewelry with more of a focus on the metalwork and not so much on using as many diamonds as possible!

I'd also love to forge out an entire bustier of sterling silver, completely contoured to custom fit someone's body. how fun would that be! My skills are a bit on the rusty side of forging and raising, and I'd definitely need some new tools!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Carnival 08.02.10 - "Food for Thought: What do you eat? "

(image - c/o the coconut bliss website)

This month's Blog Carnival for EtsyMetal is:
Food for Thought:
What do you eat? What won't you eat? Do you suggest any interesting pairings? What is your favorite studio snack?

What a fun topic! And quite interesting for me. My first inclination is to say 'everything!' but that is quite far from the truth! I'm vegan, so I don't eat any animal products (no meat, no dairy, etc) Fruits and vegetables are some of my favorite things to eat so it doesn't feel like I avoid anything. and honestly, if it's vegan, there isn't much that I won't eat. I love ethnic food and am particularly fond of Thai and Indian food... and Mexican and Italian and Mediterranean and Chinese. My husband and I cook a lot, though I have to admit he does a bit more than I do :) I like to be creative and sometimes make things that he doesn't think are so great - I think he just has a more discerning palate than I do :)

Oh, actually I did just think of this weird fungi thing at an Asian vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco that was not so great and was kind of like chewing on a rubber band - so after trying it, I left the others on my plate.

What is my favorite studio snack... hmmm...That's tough. I guess it kind of depends what mood I'm in. I think my snacks run to full gambit of healthy to junky. Today I had an apple. Sometimes it's crackers (I do love a triscuit) or a bite of leftovers (the other day it was spicy basil tofu and eggplant) and sometimes it's a cookie. Or if I feel particularly stressed, hot or overwhelmed - it's a few bites of ice cream. Now I know you are thinking "But you're vegan" Yes, yes I know. I remember loving real ice cream until it started not loving me and I actually quit eating ice cream before I became a full fledged vegan. In the years since then, there has become a demand for dairy alternative ice creams. And coconut milk ice cream is one of the most amazing creations ever. I had some soy ice creams now and then when the craving would hit - but it was good, but coconut milk ice cream is in a category all of it's own. I do love coconut, so that helps, though many of the flavors don't have a particularly definitive coconut flavor. I also really like that they aren't made w/ sugar, but agave nectar instead ( do try to stay away from sugar). There are usually only a few ingredients - which is also a huge bonus (can't say the same for the soy ice creams) and so far every one I have had is incredibly yummy. And it likes me too. My particular current favorite is Luna and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss Cherry Amaretto. It is truly amazing.

I have experimented w/ making my own and so far coconut w/ lime is a real winner. I have yet to try using guar gum to make the right consistency, though eating it right away is just fine - one day when I have all that time on my hands...

As far as recipes to possibly share... hm... I don't do recipes much - kind of like most of my jewelry, I just wing it. We do have a lot of great vegan cookbooks that we sometimes look at for ideas, but we usually just adapt them to whatever we feel like that is similar.

Any interesting pairings... hm... i love apple and peanut butter sandwiches. I think that's probably the oddest thing I make. I wasn't so much on banana and peanut butter - too much mush. But a thinly sliced apple w/ layers of peanut - yummy!

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