Friday, January 29, 2010

EMJC-PR7.2 - "Burlap"

I was too busy last week to get anything together, though I hope to go back and make it up.

I was quite happy with how this week's turned out. It was kind of weird, I had an idea and it worked out almost just like I had imagined. That doesn't happen too often with me! I made two layers of organic vine "sheet" and sandwiched a piece of burlap in between and then stitched it all together with green thread. It was fun to actually work with a needle and thread for a project runway challenge, as much as my usual torch and hammer!

Next week's details haven't been finalized yet, so stay tuned!
Last week's challenge was adapted to incorporate "5" - which I have some ideas about.... we'll see if I can do it this coming week in addition to the new one!

Ring a Day #27, #28

Two more down - I'd planned on blogging these last night, but time got away from me.

The blue sapphire ring is one of my 'cheat' rings. I'd had it sitting around unfinished for months and finally got a stone in that was suitable to fit in the seat I'd already cut! (long story...) So I got it finished up and used it for my ring a day - without the challenge, it would probably still be sitting around waiting to be finished!

The burlap ring was inspired by the project runway challenge that is due today. I suppose the ring could double as the challenge piece, but its not going to :). I have a pendant using burlap that is almost finished and is much more of a worth piece for the project runway challenge.

Which, by the way, I have forgotten to mention has started back again. I missed the first week due to the craziness of having to get my taxes in order with 4 days notice. It threw everything in to a frenzy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

charm swap progess pt 2

All the charms de-sprued - getting close to being ready for the patina and final finishing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Charm Swap Progess

I have been really slow in posting any progress from the most recent EtsyMetal Charm swap - these are the first pictures I've taken and there was much that happened before this time, but oh well, they're almost done - that is the important thing!
January has been so busy - I'm hoping February evens out a bit!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ring a Day #21 - 26

I had to get my taxes done and well, they took a little bit of priority over me posting photos online and blogging!
But here are rings from the past, oh... week or so!



#24 and #23



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ring A Day - #16, 17, 18,19,20

I've been making rings and photographing them, but they were all on the camera or I just hadn't blogged about them - I've been busy and away from the computer more than usual (which is probably a good thing I guess!) But it also shows in my lack of creativity in my rings! Ah well... at least they are done and I'm still trucking on...

#20 (I wear this one a lot actually! ha ha!)





Friday, January 15, 2010

Ring A Day - #15

another bandaid cover up - a bummer my photographing hand got injured, hopefully it'll heal up real soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ring A Day - #14

Today my poor little hands and finger had a rough day, so I covered up the band aid with a fancy alligator skin ring! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ring A Day - #13

I made a tree bark ring in tape! Using the exact same method and movements as I make the tree bark rings in wax, I used tape, a pencil, graphite stick and a pen to create a similar two dimensional look.

I think tomorrow I might layer different images through the tape.... maybe... So many ideas!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ring A Day - #11 and #12

Yay! all caught up to the proper day. I'll just be doing one a day again :)

#11 - ribbon and more saran wrap - who knew i would love it so much as a material!

#12 - usb cable - I think I have more usb cables than one should have....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ring A Day - #9 and #10

Two for today - I almost didn't count them both, but i figured since I'd already photographed the first one, i might as well count it b/c... well, it was different! Its just that I didn't like the first one....

The idea behind it was thinking of a piece of candy - and using a rock instead - and more in the second one - the rocks together were visually more interesting and made me think of taking a walk and collecting pretty rocks and storing them in a plastic baggie ring!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ring A Day - #8

Its simple and has probably been done a million times, but there is something really beautiful and elegant about this one to me!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ring A Day - #7

Another tea tab ring - organic chai this time!! :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ring A Day - #5 and #6

Two for today as I get caught up!

The 'real' ring is one I have been meaning to finish for, well, months now! And today was a great day to get it finished and count it for one of my 'ring a day' entries.

The other fun ring I made was with the string and tab from a mug of tea this afternoon.

I finished 4 other rings today too, but they are all getting mailed out, so I won't count them....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ring A Day - #4

Sticking w/ the leaf theme for today! I'm not sure what kind of leaf it is though.... and a hair band!

I've also decided that I'm going to go back and make up the first three days - it'll just be easier to figure out what number I'm on if it corresponds w/ the day...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ring A Day - #3

Today's is a little bit of an offshoot of yesterday's. Right next to my favorite eucalyptus is my favorite lavender. The two smells together are divine.

The lavender leaf can easily be cast and then another kinetic leaf ring could be made! I'm loving this ring a day challenge - mostly b/c I'm looking at it as an exercise in creativity and design, not in construction. Later in the month - I may actually get in to making 'actual' rings, but right now, doing fun and creative projects are so much more fun and better for jumpstarting my creative new year!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ring A Day - #2

Ring #2 turns out to be something I really like and am thinking I am going to expand upon. I really like the simplicity and true organic nature of it. The leaf becomes part of the ring, not a leaf stuck on top of a band. I have ideas of turning this in to a 'real' ring - maybe the thin band would even spin through the leaf and not just be static. There are other leaves I have that could easily be incorporated in to this theme, and I think will be at least as far as my ring a day challenge is concerned. I am getting so many ideas, I think I might actually have to start a little sketch book... or maybe just a word book. I prefer to not be hindered by sketches...

If you haven't done so yet - check out the EtsyMetal blog for many images of other participants rings.

New Year, New Music

I love getting new music and usually when I do, I inundate myself with it and find that it gives a lovely theme for that period of my life.
I got some Itunes gift cards this year for Christmas and used them to get some albums I've been wanting - some for years, but I would always forget!

Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope - song of the day
Lou Reed - Transformer - song of the day
Smog - Dongs of Sevotion - song of the day
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Let Love in - song of the day

Did you get any new music that you are particularly loving?

Monday, January 4, 2010

My most cherished object... lets make that plural shall we?

The first Monday of the month, EtsyMetal has a Blog Carnival topic. Not that I need a topic for today as I still have more I'd like to post, despite the fact I have already posted once today already! Coming out of holiday hibernation leaves me w/ a lot to post about.

So the topic for this month is to pick a most cherished object. I don't consider myself materialistic and in fact, enjoy getting rid of most things. I guess you could say I (generally) don't have a problem letting go!

One person phrased it as "what would you grab if your house was on fire" which made it a little easier to think in terms of what do I really cherish.

First thing... obviously, my kitty. But I don't really consider her an object so thats just a given.

Second thing... my computer. Which makes me either sound A. like a total geek, B. completely unsentimental and unromantic and C. extremely materialistic. Its also the second most obvious and oh so practical answer. My business is run on the computer, photos are kept there, its my connection to friends and family that are now scattered around the globe. But the word "cherished" gives me a different feeling than my computer gives me...

so lets move on to the more sentimental objects.... which are the things I think this question is really about. And I'm going to list three things b/c I want to.

1. A photo album of childhood and family photos my mom put together for each of the kids a few years ago. Many of the photos are not printed out from a digital source, so they are pretty special and hold a lot of lovely memories.

2. My Dog - not a real dog, but a stuffed animal. I haven't kept many "keepsake" items but this stuffed animal will NEVER be thrown away or given away. When I was little I would wander around the house at night before going to bed saying in cute plaintive voice "where's my dog... where's my dog...." even then I had a bad habit of moving something and not remember where I had put it! ha ha! I always hoped that it would be like the velveteen rabbit and one day come alive.

3. A collection of journals from 2nd grade. A truly fascinating look at the child I used to be. Every once in awhile I stumble upon them and give them a read. Though I obviously have memories of being 8, reading what my little 8 year old self wrote is entirely different. If you have kids, I highly recommend having them keep some sort of little journal/sketch book (if they are so inclined) b/c they will love having it later in life.

check out the other participants for more cherished items:
victoria takahashi

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Ring A Day - #1, 010410

Ring a day - #1, 010410
Originally uploaded by bcyrjewelry
EtsyMetal is hosting a Ring a Day challenge. Though, I do make rings every day, I'm not sure of how "challenging" it will end up being. Except that I think it will feel like cheating if I use rings that I am working on for a customer. Such as today, I'll be working on two rings... but instead I did something quick and easy.... I think the point of the challenge would be lost if I simply used rings I was already making.

The challenge actually started on the 1st... but I was still stuck in my holiday stupor, but I am back in work mode again and will be able to finish out the month! 3 days missed is okay I guess....