Friday, January 29, 2010

EMJC-PR7.2 - "Burlap"

I was too busy last week to get anything together, though I hope to go back and make it up.

I was quite happy with how this week's turned out. It was kind of weird, I had an idea and it worked out almost just like I had imagined. That doesn't happen too often with me! I made two layers of organic vine "sheet" and sandwiched a piece of burlap in between and then stitched it all together with green thread. It was fun to actually work with a needle and thread for a project runway challenge, as much as my usual torch and hammer!

Next week's details haven't been finalized yet, so stay tuned!
Last week's challenge was adapted to incorporate "5" - which I have some ideas about.... we'll see if I can do it this coming week in addition to the new one!

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