Friday, March 27, 2009

Tree Bark rings - shiny

finished w/o patina
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I'm not really sure why, but I've really photographed a set without the patina. They are so lovely w/o it as well, but I just always gravitate towards the patina I guess. They are easier to finish without though, so I figured if I photograph them that way and make a point in offering them both ways, I might get more for just the shiny shiny and it'll save me a little time. You can see them here.

What I'm Listening to: "podiobooks" by Greg Crites

For those of you that might not know me in real life may be surprised by my fascination w/ everything by Greg Crites - his sense of humor might not be for everyone - his characters tend to be surly and pessimistic, but entirely hilarious - and I laugh out loud more times than I can count while listening to him - I think I'm on my 4th or 5th of his books! I will be sad when I have listened to them all. You can try him out for free on i-tunes - but I think he deserves at least a little of your money (and he's not asking for much) so head on over to his website, veinarmor, where you can find more!

I go through periods where I listen to music and it really helps me work. Sometimes I just need quiet. But recently, I've been really in to audiobooks. The stories help to keep me focused on my work and incredibly entertained. So for someone who spends most of the day all by themselves. Having his voice in your head will be the most fun you've had in a long time! Maybe if I write an autobiography, he'll narrate it for me and make my life seem even funnier than it already is. Oh and I just started on Crusade this morning - I've listened to the dunkin's and the devlin's already... so I guess this makes his 5th that I'm on!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rough Ruby Knot

Rough Ruby Knot and sterling
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Its an idea I've had rolling around for awhile, to get some rough diamonds rubies and sapphires to cast in place as my 'knots' And I finally got some to play with! This is the ruby version. It was one of my favorite of all the batch that I got and thought it looked perfect like a gnarled tree knot! Though I love working on custom orders, it was really fun to just make something that I've been wanting to do. Though I did make it in a size I couldn't wear! You can see the listing here and the green sapphire version here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to have a Sale and Offering discounts on Etsy

photo by JustifiedSinner -- thank you for the awesome photo and your fabulous metalwork!

There are many ways that you can offer items for sale or provide discounts for your customers. I'm sure many sellers have found ways that work for them - these are things that have worked for me or others that I know.

When I have a big sale - I normally like to do a combination of things. Like have a sale section and then something like free shipping on all orders over $100 or an extra 5% off orders over $200, buy 2 items get any sale item at an extra 10% off, etc. try to make it as confusing as possible! ha ha! not that I try to make it confusing, but I usually like to do something a little extra beyond just having items on sale. Now, that is when I am having a BIG sale. sometimes I'll just have a quick little sale and offer a small section of sale items.

I find that having a sale section seems to be the easiest - no one has to wait for an invoice - they know what the price is and what it used to be (I write it in the listing like: "was $78, now only $60!") It is also a reminder to me what to change the price back to when the sale is over.

I always get the best response from my repeat customers (thank you!!!), or people that have signed up for the mailing list but haven't purchased yet. A sale sometimes just gives some one an excuse to buy something they've been looking at - that seems to be helpful for those people that particularly want an item but are having guilt about spending the money. If they get a chance to get some $$ off, they just go ahead and do it. I think this is the kind of shopper I am. Who doesn't love to buy an item on sale?

To promote, I email my list of etsy folks, my personal list of family and friends, blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, change etsy avatar, post in etsy forums and renew sale items every so often so they get moved up to the top and maybe get some more views.

I've done a week long sale and I've done a sale for just a couple days. i think it seems like 2 - 4 days is enough. I email about a week before the sale is going to happen, and then again when the sale starts as a reminder. That way you catch people that might only check their email every few days. Don't inundate you customers though, too many 'sale emails' and I just tend to ignore them all and eventually want to be removed from the mailing list.

Offering discounts is a little more difficult. It will require sending a paypal invoice or sending a refund if the customer paid already. Which is fine, but I like for things to be as easy and efficient as possible. As of right now, the only way I know of using a discount code is for the customer to write it in the 'note to seller' box, and then wait. For customers newish to etsy, it can be a little confusing. Plus, as a customer myself, I like to go ahead and pay and be done with it. I do sometimes have conditional discounts (like my, buy more than $100 and get an extra 10% off) though I rarely do those.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Search for the perfect yoga cushion

I feel like I am being entirely too picky. But I really want to find the 'perfect' yoga cushion... for me perfect, not perfect for everyone. I want something pretty. I want buckwheat hulls, I don't want it too big. I found one I was about to buy and I noticed how large it was... and well. It changed my mind. And I don't sew.

Here are ones I think I've narrowed it down to.

I love the Sari Patterns from barfoot yoga

the green one on the left

and I'm really loving this orange one too!

and then I found this one from halfmoon yoga products. Which is very practical, b/c I really only sit on half the cushion anyway, and I love leaves. But do I like the fabric as much?

well... so far those are my top picks. Then I think, would I rather just look at a plain color?? I'm off to work on waxes and think about it some more.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The spider that helped a man walk....

In case you hadn't heard this story yet, you should watch this short clip from the CBS news story.

Many of you know I love spiders - though I have a healthy respect for them, especially the more dangerous brown recluse and black widow. Who knew that a brown recluse bite would ever be considered a good thing?! It is pretty amazing and wonderful for someone to be walking again after being in a wheelchair for 20 years.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still Snow....

On Sunday, we got more snow than I had ever seen here in Athens in 10 years (by more I mean about 6" more!) The most we've gotten was maybe an 1" or 2" and it melted really quickly. So I was thinking that well, the snow is great for a day or so, then it melts, the end! 4 days later, we still have snow!!! And its supposed to be in the 60's today. But I guess that is what happens when you get 7" instead of the measly 1" - it takes longer to melt despite the sunny days and warmer temps. That and freezing again overnight doesn't help. Though yes, as my friend Kathryn asked, the novelty has worn off. The snow makes me feel like I'm in a freezer. Its really fun for a couple days. I couldn't be outside enough on Sunday! Then I'm done with it! Give me flowers and spring time temps... w/o the snow. I'm hoping the hyacinths and daffodils and crocuses (croci?) we had will be able to pull through and not be totally frozen out by the snow that is still laying on top of them. sigh. poor little babies.