Friday, May 29, 2009

New Setting!!

I am so incredibly excited about this. You know how sometimes you think about something too much and it turns it in to a huge seemingly insurmountable task. Well, finally, I worked on this design and it was a million times easier than what I had built it up in my head to be. I'm not sure why I thought it would be so difficult. Or maybe all that 'thinking' worked it out in my head so that finally when my hands got to it, they'd been mentally practicing for months? can that happen?!

I really like casting the diamonds in place b/c it gives a really nice and subtle look - but this is definitely a close second! I used a gold tube setting - well, b/c it was what I had, but also I really like the combo of mixed metals.

The excitement of finally creating this setting is that now I can do any kind of stone someone might want! Before, I was limited to diamonds, rubies and sapphires - or synthetic stones. And those don't even turn out every time they are fired (I'm working on that too though).

This ring had actually been a 'mistake' - and had a diamond in it that hadn't turned out. so I unearthed the damaged diamond, drilled a hole the setting would fit in to and soldered it in place. And lucky for me, its just my size! Sometimes I like to keep the prototype of something - it helps me remember what I did, where I've come from and how I can improve.

I hope today is as wonderful and successful of a day (for you too!).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art Fire Update

Though I haven't sold anything on Art Fire, I still really like it. Its so user friendly. You'd think I'd actually update it more often since it is so easy, but sometimes I just have a difficult time keeping up with everything. I'd gotten an email stating they had done some new updates, etc. I'm still not crazy about their front page, but they are continuing to follow through w/ improving the site frequently. Each shop can customize some of the colors now - which is fun! Not necessarily needed, but I really like the overall look.

I recently deleted my mintd store. I have repeatedly tried to have them cancel my paying acct and downgrade to a free one - apparently, they don't have anyone that actually answers emails - so I decided just deleting it was the best thing. I also have a shop on ShopHandmade, which I am thinking of also deleting. I don't sell on any other site besides Etsy - and I feel like its mostly b/c I don't put any energy at all in to doing anything with them. Part of me thinks that having things viewable in different locations is good. But whats the point really, if nothing ever sells?

At least with Artfire, I'm locked in at $7/month. I feel like I should stick with them a bit longer. For a year, its only $84 - I can think of it as advertising dollars! And if I can sell one set of rings, it completely covers it. Can you tell I am rambling and trying to rationalize things to myself... Its time for some yoga... or more caffeine.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love rocks wedding bands - 14k palladium white gold

For right now, I've decided to keep the name the same - AND, I've finally gotten the palladium white gold set finished and photographed! They are hammered with 3 different hammers over several different courses. Just an extra little dimension beyond a simple hammered texture.

These are my favorite of the three metals and I don't know why it took me so long to get them done. Sometimes, the things I like most, I have the hardest time sharing I guess! You can check out more photos on flickr or the listing on etsy.

Friday, May 22, 2009


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She is such a sweetie pie. Sometimes when I do yoga in the morning, she likes to try to come and sit at the back of the mat. Which is okay if I'm just sitting at the beginning of my practice. However - once I start my sun salutations, she is usually in the way. The pampering mother that I am usually tries to work around her on my lunges, though it often results in her hitting my foot and becoming irritated for invading her space. Its all very ironic. Maybe she thinks I am trying to play with her. So when she did it the other day, I just picked her up and plopped her down on my cushion - she loved it!! Immediately circled once or twice to get it just right and plopped down. She looks so utterly content does she?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I'm Listening to: The Killers

Somehow I magically found this in my itunes - The Killers. Maybe its my husbands and I had never heard it. Maybe some gifted it to me? Maybe I bought it and completely forgot?! But I love it and it made my day, especially to hear this song. Hope you enjoy it too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please, when mailing jewelry, package it well!

the hole
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This is the hole - the escape route for a lost ring. Please please please package metal jewelry properly when sending it through the mail. The machines make impressions of the piece on the envelope and either A. can tear right through the paper or B. send a message to a dishonest employee that says "hey, this looks like a ring!"

You can see more photos on flickr of the indention made in the envelope, well, several indentations actually, as the ring slide around.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the ring was not one of mine, but a customers ring they were sending me that they liked the size and fit and wanted to make sure their new ring would fit the same.... I was panicked and distraught. Luckily, sort of, it wasn't a particularly special ring, like a family heirloom or priceless diamond. sigh. but still. Please, package carefully.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiration cont'd

So last friday etsymetal folks were blogging about our inspirations. I wanted to take part, but was super super busy and felt my posting was a little lacking. So I snapped some photos of some of my favorites.

my favorite tree. the bark, the leaves, the flowers, the 'bean' pods - I love everything about this Catalpa!

their flowers

roses smell so good I want to eat them

and these are some of my favorite flowers - I don't know what kind they are! But we have TONS of them and they make me happy

Monday, May 11, 2009

700 yr old French Coin Pendant Finished!!!

I have been working on the project for far longer than I anticipated. Once I got into it, it went along fairly nicely. But I was simply frozen with fear for a long time and felt like I had something that was in no way replaceable.

Thanks to my dear friend Sophie - she suggested the solution I was looking for. Though I don't remember exactly what was said - the basic idea is hers! I used 3 layers - the middle layer was the same thickness as the thickest part of the coin - which was 21g - most of the coin was much less than that, but I didn't want to be riveting the two sandwich pieces and putting pressure on any part of the coin. I also didn't want to be working on the metal of the pendant after it was all riveted together. So for me, getting the outer edges to all be perfectly the same was a little challenging at first. The rubber cement would only last for so long - I think the heat was making it melt?! Is that possible? Or maybe just the pressure of me holding it so tightly was causing the slices to slip. Once I got the outer shape close - enough, I used some bent 'rivets' to hold the 3 slices just right as a ground and sanded and filed away. Why you ask didn't I just cut all three out at the same time? Well... thats a good question. And I don't know that I have a good answer. If I did it all over again, I probably would have done some things differently.

But, I am very happy with how it turned out. The coin is somewhat protected as it won't lay against the skin in either direction. It is reversible, so the back and the front are equally 'open'. The metal has a nice old feel to it, w/o competing too much with the coin. I also worked on having the overall shape be fairly organic and look as if it could have possibly been around for awhile too. And because of the cold connections, the coin could at some point be taken out and the setting redone with no harm to the coin. Though as another friend mentioned - if it has lasted for 700 years, its probably pretty tough!

Oh and why three rivets? The father, the son and the holy spirit of course! I figured the old French monk would have wanted it that way. And to give further credit where credit is due - another friend mentioned I should add further significance to the piece by choosing an number of rivets that would have meant something. And for a small pendant, this seemed the most logical.

So thats it. Its finished. And I honestly don't think I could be any happier with it! A few more photos can be seen on flickr.

Friday, May 8, 2009

EtsyMetal Group Challenge - What Inspires me in making Jewelry

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My EtsyMetal group posted a new challenge - to do a blog post on a theme. So every so often someone will come up with a question or topic and whoever wants to blog about it will! At the end of the post, I'll link to everyone else that answered this week's questions - so you can see what inspires them too!

I think most people that see my work know that nature is my biggest inspiration. Especially trees! I love trees and really know that I could not live in a location where their weren't any trees. I love being in the middle of a forest and not being able to see any manmade structure. Ever since I was little I can remember going in to the woods, really for any reason! Just for fun to play with twigs and leaves and sweet gum balls. I used to make little boats out of bark and twigs and leaves to sail down a little stream. It was fabulous. I would also go there seeking refuge from the rest of the world.

Then there is the simple fact of all the amazing textures! So if I can create a little mini slice of the feeling I get from being in the woods - it makes me happy.

Here are other EtsyMetal members who posted on what inspires them:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Wish - Single Seed Fluff Dandelion Set

So after some long thinking I decided to not discontinue my previous dandelion wishes set - but to instead create a new set that would be easier, more reliable and one that I could offer at a lower price. I actually like them better too! The delicateness of the one seed fluff is very sweet and subtle. The bands are silky smooth and overall they just have a lovely airy feel about them. You can see more photos and info in the listing, or just more photos on flickr!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And the Winner Is....Tiffany Nelson!

congrats Tiffany!!! You've won a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy Shop!! Woohooo!!!

and for everyone else that didn't win this time - be on the lookout for my next give away - I have 2 more in line, so check back in the next couple weeks!

And thank you for all the comments! I was really hoping to have a clear winner.... the yeses eeked out by one vote - but if I factor in the maybes... hm. where does that leave me. off to think some more!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Featured on Etsy's Weekend Deals!

I am incredibly excited - they used my photo for the whole section!!! Wooohooooo!
Check it.

Weekend Deal - Organic Stacking Rings

Starting today through Sunday, my organic stacking ring sets are 25% off! In addition, throughout the day today, I will be marking down lots of items for a special Weekend Sale Section.

Mother's day is just around the corner and these rings are one my mom's favorites - so these are in honor of my sweet mother!

Check out these and other great deals in my shop!