Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please, when mailing jewelry, package it well!

the hole
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This is the hole - the escape route for a lost ring. Please please please package metal jewelry properly when sending it through the mail. The machines make impressions of the piece on the envelope and either A. can tear right through the paper or B. send a message to a dishonest employee that says "hey, this looks like a ring!"

You can see more photos on flickr of the indention made in the envelope, well, several indentations actually, as the ring slide around.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the ring was not one of mine, but a customers ring they were sending me that they liked the size and fit and wanted to make sure their new ring would fit the same.... I was panicked and distraught. Luckily, sort of, it wasn't a particularly special ring, like a family heirloom or priceless diamond. sigh. but still. Please, package carefully.


EtsyMetal said...

So Important to have good packaging!

Christina said...

yikes! that would be horrible.

Amanda Conley said...

Oooh - that's too bad! Packaging and shipping mishaps worry me... packaging it right is a must!

msbelle said...

Ooops! Not good. Hope the customer took it well!