Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspiration cont'd

So last friday etsymetal folks were blogging about our inspirations. I wanted to take part, but was super super busy and felt my posting was a little lacking. So I snapped some photos of some of my favorites.

my favorite tree. the bark, the leaves, the flowers, the 'bean' pods - I love everything about this Catalpa!

their flowers

roses smell so good I want to eat them

and these are some of my favorite flowers - I don't know what kind they are! But we have TONS of them and they make me happy


Christina said...

look at you a jeweler and a photographer (i'm so jealous, and i miss you so come by and see me soon)

Beth Cyr said...

aww, thanks! I miss you too! I'm sorry I didn't come by on Sunday - I ended up not leaving the house at all!!