Monday, August 31, 2009

charms all done!

charms all done!
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yup. just as it says. Charms are all done and in the mail. bye bye! They are all a little different. Some are even more special w/ a little vine and some also have a little leaf. I don't like making the same thing over and over again. Luckily I don't have to choose who gets which one!
Thanks to Sara for doing all the hard work and getting it all together and keeping us motivated!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Next EtsyMetal Project Runway Jewelry Challenge

Thanks Victoria for getting it together - you can see last weeks entries and more on this weeks challenge on the EtsyMetal blog.

As it relates to jewelry - these are the ideas; "a mothers piece, something symbolic of mother and child, pregnancy, growth, symbolism, birthstones, how pregnant women cannot always wear their normal rings, comfort, curvy shapes...."

Hmm... interesting....

Friday, August 28, 2009

EtsyMetalJewelryChallenge - ProjectRunway 6.1 - "Red Carpet"

EMJC - PR 6.1
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So, I probably should have posted this last week.... but EtsyMetal is starting a new challenge. After every episode of project runway, we are going to interpret the challenge in to jewelry. We will have a week to complete the item. Then time to start the next challenge! Since we are a world wide group - the next challenge won't be 'stated' until later this afternoon. So Fridays will be a busy blog day! Everyone is welcome to play along. We will be posting on the etsymetal blog as well as I'll post it here in case I have any readers that don't follow that blog as well.

As far as this particular piece.... It was the general idea I had, but definitely grew in to something much more! But I am very happy with it. It is all argentium sterling silver wire, all fused. It curves around the top of the shoulder and could probably stay there, but a thin wire comes around the back of the neck to hold it all in place. I love it. I'd wear it! Especially b/c, well, I conformed it to fit to my body. One day I'd love to do larger body conforming pieces to all sorts of bodies. Thats when I have the time and money to fly all over the country for fittings right?

charm swap progess

charm trees
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So all of my charms turned out and i was super happy. I think one or two of the diamonds might have turned in to metal - I'll have to see when I get them all completely cleaned up. It still is a lovely effect!

Yesterday was a most productive day and it didn't necessarily feel overwhelming which I am very glad for.

I even managed to get all 4 rings finished + 2 more, and get all the charms separated and cleaned - free of investment and pickled! yippee! So I will be able to get them all in the mail on time. Today I'll work on cleaning up the sprues - I have lots of other things to do as well, so I might not be able to get them patinated and totally finished. we shall see!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Etsymetal charm swap progess or Why I like to wait til the last minute

Etsymetal charm swap progess
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So as per my norm - I like waiting until close to the last minute before finishing up important things. Like my etsymetal charms. I did the first two a couple weeks ago - just to get the idea rolling and make sure they turned out how I wanted. And then they just sat there... and sat there. I have to make 22 of these, not 2. They are in the kiln right now. and they have to be mailed out on Monday at the very latest. So if they all turn out, I can get them cleaned up and in the mail in time.

Not to mention the 4 other rings I have in there too, all of which need to be in the mail tomorrow. Do I like the excitement? the adrenaline rush? Do I really work better under pressure? Its not like I haven't been busy, I have. Finishing other projects at the last minute! ha! Well, thats not exactly the case. I mailed out some rings yesterday more than a couple weeks early.

I have yet to figure out what it is about some pieces that sit for a long time until its almost too late. And other pieces I'm able to get finished and out the door in record time. I feel like maybe it isn't fair to some customers - who order pieces at the exact right time for it to only take me a week or two. Vs the customer that orders at the wrong time and it takes me the full 4 weeks to finish something. Sigh. I don't know. But they always get done. Even if it is the last day of my window.

I've been like this at least, well, as far back as I can remember. Staying up late at night in 6th grade to finish this really cool paper mache fish, high school... alllll the time, and in college, more times than I can count staying up super late, or all night to finish something. I can't do that late night, all night thing any more. So I have gotten a bit better about time management and balancing life. Its early and I'm rambling. But the kiln isn't done yet despite the fact I started it at 8:00 last night.... not that I don't have other things I need to be doing...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I'm Listening to: Neil Diamond

Always a classic. After hearing Mr. Bojangles in the soloist, I got a hankering for some Neil Diamond. And bought 2 albums totaling over 70 songs. so yeah, I'm all about some Neil Diamond right now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wish upon a star

Wish upon a star
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Its been a long time since I've blogged. But I've been really all over the place and trying to focus on work and not so much on the computer...

This is a piece I made as a prototype (or the possible real one) for a gal and her husband to me. I am super happy with how it turned out and just wanted to share!

Today is a good day :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

EtsyMetal Weekend Deals - free shipping!

Etsy Metal's got
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We are excited to announce that many, many Etsy Metal members (corresponding links below) will be offering FREE worldwide shipping in their Etsy shops this up-coming weekend, from Friday the 14th through Sunday 16th.
To cash in on this great deal, just go to any of the shops listed here, pick out what you want, click "add to cart" and then write "Weekend Deals" in the "Message to Seller" window during your checkout. Your full shipping and handling will then be refunded to you by the seller. This is a deal too good to pass up!

Friday, August 7, 2009

peridot leaf

peridot leaf
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I've finally gotten a process that works for setting the leaves after casting. I love it! So pretty and sparkley. I used to shy away from anything faceted. I don't know why! This one is special for someone, but now I know I can set any kind of marquise shaped stone fairly easily! Fabricating a setting was not worth it... so now I can make it in wax and its great!