Friday, August 28, 2009

EtsyMetalJewelryChallenge - ProjectRunway 6.1 - "Red Carpet"

EMJC - PR 6.1
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So, I probably should have posted this last week.... but EtsyMetal is starting a new challenge. After every episode of project runway, we are going to interpret the challenge in to jewelry. We will have a week to complete the item. Then time to start the next challenge! Since we are a world wide group - the next challenge won't be 'stated' until later this afternoon. So Fridays will be a busy blog day! Everyone is welcome to play along. We will be posting on the etsymetal blog as well as I'll post it here in case I have any readers that don't follow that blog as well.

As far as this particular piece.... It was the general idea I had, but definitely grew in to something much more! But I am very happy with it. It is all argentium sterling silver wire, all fused. It curves around the top of the shoulder and could probably stay there, but a thin wire comes around the back of the neck to hold it all in place. I love it. I'd wear it! Especially b/c, well, I conformed it to fit to my body. One day I'd love to do larger body conforming pieces to all sorts of bodies. Thats when I have the time and money to fly all over the country for fittings right?


Amanda Conley said...

I love it! I wish I had had time to participate this go 'round. just had too much on my plate - but I love yours!!!

Christina said...

it's freaking amazing. i want to wear it some place fancy with a black dress and extra high heels.

NinaGibsonDesigns said...

It's outrageously gorgeous! I love it!!!!

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks thanks! Christina! I could actually fit it to you and you could wear it if you want sometime :)