Wednesday, August 22, 2012

has etsy started a shopping revolution?

I have to admit, this graphic makes me ever more hopeful that Etsy will be a greater change to the way we shop - buying more from individuals and small businesses as opposed to large companies.

Etsy MBA
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Favorite things about Summer

This months topic is... Favorite things about Summer!

My top favorite thing about summer is... it isn't winter! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Summer makes me appreciate spring and fall even more. But I would rather have a year full of summer than a year full of winter. 

I actually love summer more every year. I've really been trying to embrace the heat (especially considering it gets up to 100 in my studio most days!) I can usually just relax in to the heat and lucky for me... I sweat a lot, which helps to keep me cooler than, well, I guess someone who doesn't sweat as much?

I love all the flowers and lush green vegetation, the sound of cicadas in the evening and bullfrogs if I'm near any water. The loooong days of sunshine make me super happy and more productive. The longer the days, the happier I am. If I had a pool convenient, I would add swimming to the list. Or if I wasn't so productive and busy during the summer, I'd add "vacation" but, you know, being self employed summer vacation doesn't really mean anything.

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