Tuesday, December 22, 2009

and these two sets, all done!

love knot variations and the holidays....

I know my blogging has been so sad and sporadic - but well, I guess thats what happens during the holidays! But I had to take the time to post these lovelies.

I find that I tend to work on the same themed pieces together. The past week or so I've been working on different love knot variations (all custom orders) Today I'll be posting some vine and leaf variations. I think mentally its easier for me to stay in one mind set and do a little grouping. And it makes for a fun photo!
The next few days are going to be busy as well - all that last minute holiday stuff that gets put off b/c I'm working on orders, now that I'm alllmooost finished w/ those, time to focus on my life :) I'll most likely take a few days off and then be back to work again gearing up for exciting new things in the new year! I love new years... So if I'm not back before then, happiest of holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New years, and happy time off :)

From left to right:
sterling and a light champagne 3.3mm diamond, sterling 18k and 4mm/.25ct vs diamond, 14k pal. w. gold and 3mm AAA sapphire

Friday, December 18, 2009

treebark, leaf, vine, diamond, cute!

For an etsymetal charm swap, I did pendants similar to this, though I am just now getting around to making some to sell! This is one of my particular favorites w/ the vine creating the bale of the pendant, the little leaf and sweet little diamond.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Well, I think i am almost all finished as of today... just a couple more small things I need to get/do. This might be the earliest I've ever gotten things wrapped up, but still w/ that feeling of, "will it get there in time"

One of the things I am most excited about are these fabulous birdseed ornaments from Nature's Favors.

As a giver and receiver, I like things that aren't necessarily permanent or take up much space, especially when I'm not real sure what they person might want. These are particularly great for a nature lover, or especially a bird lover. You can hang them on your tree and then just put them outside for the birds to enjoy! How fabulous is that? Its the gift that keeps on giving :) I'm pretty sure that the people I am giving these to don't actually read my blog... but I'm not naming any names anyway!!

They should be arriving on my doorstep any day now and I can't wait to see them in person!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Release Thursday!

1. organic vine ring w/ copper and gold, 2. organic vine earrings w/ patina, 3. organic vine pendant, small w/ copper and patina, 4. vine ring - wide version, 5. small organic vine pendant w/ copper leaves, 6. 3mm tree bark ring, 7. organic vine earrings w/ copper, 8. organic vine pendant w/ copper and gold

So I know I am running a little bit late this year in listing a whole bunch of new work, but better late than never I guess! Some things I'll be listing the next couple of days aren't really new at at all. In fact, some pieces are quite old, but I just never photographed them! This is just a small sampling of the many many pieces that I'll be getting up on Etsy - all one of a kind and ready to ship! Make sure to keep an eye on my Etsy shop, you never know when something you want will pop up!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Palladium white gold tree bark w/ 4mm diamond and patina

This ring again made me realize why people like diamonds. I was never very particular about them before I started working with them. In fact, I would put myself in to the anti-diamond fan club. It seems so cliche and the idea of 'a big diamond' is off putting. I also enjoy metal so much and as a metalsmith, I think the focus should be on the metal! Not having the metal as just merely a means of displaying a giant sparkly rock. Traditional jewelry stores make me cringe.

This ring however, makes me really happy. It is the largest and nicest diamond I have set to date. I love the contrast of the dark patina and texture w/ the sparkle of the diamond, but that it is all very subtle. I also like that diamonds are easier to set b/c it is so difficult to damage them!

Friday, December 4, 2009

283 Holiday Arist Market

Busy busy busy! Come see me on Saturday at the 283 Bar in downtown Athens from 11am - 5pm. I'll have lots and lots of goodies for sale - a lot of which have never appeared online!

If you are on facebook - check out the event page!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thinking of opening a separate Wedding shop on Etsy

Originally uploaded by bcyrjewelry
Most of you that follow my blog even a little know that pretty much all I do are rings! Which is fun and I really enjoy working directly with customers to create something special.

In the direction this has taken my business, for the most part, my other jewelry life has suffered. The project runway challenges really helped to strengthen it again though after the holidays are over I'm not sure what will happen.

I'm thinking of opening a separate Etsy shop entirely for wedding rings. Single 'everyday' versions of most of the rings would be available, but they would be described as just that, a ring to wear any time. I would link both shops and make sure that anyone visiting my regular shop would know my wedding rings had moved. And also anyone visiting the ring shop would know that I have other jewelry available too.

Right now I have 40 listings in my wedding category and they are all just lumped together. If I created a new shop - I could have the different designs all in their own categories! (which would be really exciting)

I would most likely name it 'bcyrwedding' or maybe w/ an 's' at the end? bcyrweddings? so it would be visually recognizable as a related shop. Or maybe even just 'bcyr' in case I wanted to do something else w/ it??

If it didn't work out, I could always move everything back to the way it is now.

The negatives - it would mean keeping up two shops. This doesn't worry me much as the wedding rings kind of have a life of their own. I'd just have to relist and renew every once in awhile - but for the most part its not too often that I add a new design.

I would have to answer convos in both shops and keep them straight. This would be the most complicated aspect. Although I can have them both open at the same time - one in firefox and one in safari....

So what do you think? Any thoughts one way or the other?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shadowed vine rings

shadowed vine rings
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These are an offshoot of the midnight vine rings, but a little more subtle. These particular ones don't have any leaves, though leaves could be added and then have less patina so the contrast isn't as great.

A friend custom ordered these and I thought they turned out great, I love the slight highlight of the textures.

also - don't forget about the giveaway of one of my pendants! check it out on Christina's blog - today is the last day to enter to win!