Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Palladium white gold tree bark w/ 4mm diamond and patina

This ring again made me realize why people like diamonds. I was never very particular about them before I started working with them. In fact, I would put myself in to the anti-diamond fan club. It seems so cliche and the idea of 'a big diamond' is off putting. I also enjoy metal so much and as a metalsmith, I think the focus should be on the metal! Not having the metal as just merely a means of displaying a giant sparkly rock. Traditional jewelry stores make me cringe.

This ring however, makes me really happy. It is the largest and nicest diamond I have set to date. I love the contrast of the dark patina and texture w/ the sparkle of the diamond, but that it is all very subtle. I also like that diamonds are easier to set b/c it is so difficult to damage them!

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