Monday, March 28, 2011

Ara: Episode 3

Episode #3 of Ara is up! Here it is!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Susanna and David

Susanna and David are a wonderful couple that drove from another state to meet with me, so fun! I normally meet up with customers at a local coffee shop - but on the particular day I was meeting with them, it was utterly packed. The Publix was right across the parking lot and had some picnic tables - so we just went there! It was quite humorous and they totally charmed me. (and they took a photo of us with the Publix sign in the background! haha!)

Susanna already had a gorgeous ring - so I was just commissioned for David's. A little different than my usual love rocks style, but really fun to make and loved the end result!
Their amazing photos were taken by Inlux Photo - you should totally check them out if you're needing wedding photos in Ohio!

Wishing them both all the very best and as much happiness as humanly possible :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - #2 - March Edition - best childhood/ younger years memory

This month's topic is

best childhood/ younger years memory

I'm not sure that I have one particular memory, more like a collection of memories I guess. Growing up from ages 3 - 14, I lived in a fabulous house in Alabama - it wasn't so much the house as the property that was really memorable. We shared a large "pond" (I think it was about an acre or so) with our neighbor. Our half included the dam and the runoff - which created a wonderful eco-system for a child to play in. We also had quite a bit woods behind the house and around the pond. My fondest memories are playing outside in a variety of ways. I remember loving climbing trees, particularly the little pines that had small broken branches that served as ladder rungs. Something that as a small child - it seemed like I could climb up so high in the tree. I use to make all kinds of things with twigs and leaves and bark and sweet gum balls. My brothers and I built forts, tried our hand at a catapult or two, made little bark boats with leaf sails.... so many fun creative things. I remember making little fairy "dwellings" - and even in college, recreated a giant village based on my childhood creations for an art project in a sculpture class!

It is curious to wonder if I would love nature so much if I had grown up in a neighborhood filled with concrete....

my memory is something like this irene suchocki photo - minus the bench... we had a wonderful island that had a giant willow on it - and there was so much green...

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the blog-o-sphere think tank is the creation of andes cruz - it is a fun way to blog together as a group on NON jewelry, metal, or art business related topics. yay for variety!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rebecca and Scott

Isn't that gorgeous!! Rebecca sent me these photos ages ago and I've had them in my "starred" important email folder for months and finally got them posted! Such a great couple in an amazing setting. And Rebecca was sweet enough to write something for the blog post too! Thank you so much to both of them :)

Scott and I got married on August 8th in Essex, MA. In our regular lives, Scott is a paramedic and I am a teacher. We found Beth by searching for tree rings on Etsy, loved her tree bark rings, but ended up falling in love with her Love Rocks rings and purchasing them in white gold. We love the fact that each ring is unique and created for us. We couldn't be happier with them.

Wishing them both much happiness in their life together.

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 year silver prices...

I started working with silver 10 years ago. At the time I was in school and it seemed expensive in comparison to copper and brass - the really cheap metals.

Looking at the 10 year chart makes me sigh.... wow. I didn't know how fortunate I was. Even 5 years ago it was about the same. now.... I'm kind of speechless.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ara: Episode 2

Part/Episode/Chapter/Installment... #2 of Ara is up

Here it is! (and in less than a month!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival 3.7.11: Private Jewelry Collection

It's time for the EtsyMetal Blog Carnival!

This month's Topic: Private Jewelry Collection

What do you wear?
What is your favorite piece (or pieces) from your private collection?
How many finished pieces do you keep for yourself and why?
What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you didn't make?

Oooh such an interesting topic... In general - I don't actually wear that much jewelry and on a daily basis... none (except for my tiny wedding band)

I used to only ever wear my own jewelry - particularly when I had a job working w/ the public and was starting my business, I always wanted to be able to say "why yes, I did make this"

Then I started collecting work from friends and love being able to say "no, I didn't, but my friend made this and here is there info - isn't it fabulous?"

As far as favorites.... well, that is difficult. Though I have many fabulous pieces, I tend to go pretty minimal most of the time w/ just a little pair of earrings I made like these:

My absolute favorites of my 'special' earrings are these from Caitlyn and Stacey

I have loads of other pairs of earrings from friends as well, but sooo many I just picked my top 2!

Rings - it was really difficult to pick - so I photographed the ones I pick out most. I don't wear rings other than wedding band on a daily basis - so when I collect rings from friends, I tend to like them to be quite different and possibly... big! All the rings I've made that I wear are pretty small and kind of dainty. They tend to be experiments or sample pieces that when working on a new design - I make it my size - my fingers are so small, it is great for saving money to have a tiny sample ring :) From left to right back row Norsola, Rebekah, Kerin, Janos, Bill, Ashley (and front row) Norsola, Ann, Sophie

And necklaces - I kept two of my own pieces - not intending them to be mine - the one on the far left I made as an idea for a made to order piece and just loved it so much I just kept it and never made another! The second from the left was a piece I made for an EtsyMetal challenge yeeeeears ago - no one ever bought it and after trying to sell it so many times and loving it so much I decided it was a sign that I should keep it. I absolutely love it and was tired of no one else loving it as much as I did.

After those two pieces from left to right Tosca, Victoria, Sarah, and the next two are Ashley's.

I have lots more super special pieces I've collected from friends, but for the time I had today to photograph (and create links for) these were the ones I could share!

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