Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - #2 - March Edition - best childhood/ younger years memory

This month's topic is

best childhood/ younger years memory

I'm not sure that I have one particular memory, more like a collection of memories I guess. Growing up from ages 3 - 14, I lived in a fabulous house in Alabama - it wasn't so much the house as the property that was really memorable. We shared a large "pond" (I think it was about an acre or so) with our neighbor. Our half included the dam and the runoff - which created a wonderful eco-system for a child to play in. We also had quite a bit woods behind the house and around the pond. My fondest memories are playing outside in a variety of ways. I remember loving climbing trees, particularly the little pines that had small broken branches that served as ladder rungs. Something that as a small child - it seemed like I could climb up so high in the tree. I use to make all kinds of things with twigs and leaves and bark and sweet gum balls. My brothers and I built forts, tried our hand at a catapult or two, made little bark boats with leaf sails.... so many fun creative things. I remember making little fairy "dwellings" - and even in college, recreated a giant village based on my childhood creations for an art project in a sculpture class!

It is curious to wonder if I would love nature so much if I had grown up in a neighborhood filled with concrete....

my memory is something like this irene suchocki photo - minus the bench... we had a wonderful island that had a giant willow on it - and there was so much green...

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the blog-o-sphere think tank is the creation of andes cruz - it is a fun way to blog together as a group on NON jewelry, metal, or art business related topics. yay for variety!


Laura Flavin said...

I enjoyed reading your post Beth. I have similar feelings about growing up around nature and loving all of the small worlds within it. I used to climb this tree near my house, so high that I could see what I thought was Cinderella's castle! But is was this amazing old hotel several miles away :)

Anonymous said...

loved your post Beth! and wow that's a great photo - if your place was like that, no doubt you had many grand adventures!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your post Beth. It made me remember a few of my own tree climbing adventures. Great photo too. It's wonderful that Andes has set this up so we can get to know other creatives.

~ Kathleen Krucoff

Wendy Kelly said...

Great memories~thanks for the reminders of making hidden imaginary worlds. This b-o-s think tank is a great idea & I am so glad to have been able to meet such creative people!

andrea of ffft said...

Love that photo! If that is what your childhood looked like, I imagine you had a good one! LOVED making wee fairy dwellings... is this how we all ended up artists?

Beth Cyr said...

thanks everyone!!! i've always loved that photo for what it reminds me of :)

andrea - i think most of us are just born artists and start at an early age! creating with whatever we can get our little fingers on! haha!