Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Favorite season

The month's blog-o-sphere think tank theme is our favorite season.

love my macro!

This is so easy - Spring! I'm not crazy about the cold, course, I'm not super crazy about the extreme heat either. But the feeling of spring coming alive after it's been cold and dead all winter is intoxicating. I love all the beautiful spring flowers and the days getting longer. The spirea is one of the very first flowers that comes out in my yard in the spring time. It says "Spring is coming, spring is coming!" And it makes me happy. Winter makes me want to hibernate, though because of our society, that isn't generally accepted, when you know, things like work have to happen.

Fall/autumn is a close runner up - the change in season after a long hot summer is so welcome and exciting. But it also means that winter is coming, so it isn't an occasion for joy the way spring time is.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Shop Name!!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my original etsy shop - bcyrjewelry - is now just BethCyr! woohooo! When first signing up for etsy back in the day, before I had any cohesive idea of what I was doing, I signed up w/ that name. I've wanted o change it for a long time b/c people seem to never realize that it was supposed to be B. Cyr Jewelry. When to me, it looks like bc yr jewelry or often people would call me "bcy" - what? so, anyway, no more confusion! I also did away w/ the jewelry since I am still selling tshirts and whatever else I feel like. I feel like it is wide open to do with what I want now and it doesn't have the word jewelry attached!! Yayyyyy!!!!!


It is EtsyMetal's 5th Anniversary and my birthday (it was yesterday), which are both cause for celebration. Going on now in my regular jewelry shop - all ready to ship items are 17% off (b/c my birthday is the 17th) - enter code ETSYMETAL for the discount when checking out. I will be photographing and adding new items throughout the week, so check back! Feel free to ask me to reserve something for you. Sale ends Saturday Oct 22nd so any reserved items would need to be purchased by then to receive the discount.

For my wedding ring shop - US customers can receive free shipping (no international shipping and % no discount) - entering the same ETSYMETAL code.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - 10.3.11 - Food!

This month's topic for the EtsyMetal Blog Carnival is Food!

The weather is cooling, Fall cooking season is 'round the corner. Tell us about some of your eating habits, philosophies, favorite foods and share a seasonal recipe!

I thought it might be an easy topic at first... now I'm having way to many ideas! I don't really use recipes, so I can't easily share a favorite. It would turn in to add a little of this and that or if you don't have that, you can use this, etc etc.

An easy thing to start out with is that I'm vegan. I'm not much of a philosophical vegan in that I want to convert anyone or talk about it much. I don't like people questioning how I eat, so I'm not going to tell anyone how they should eat. I can say that I feel incredibly wonderful not eating meat or dairy. I do think that food is medicine and believe that if people were a lot healthier with their diets, there would be far fewer health problems.

Being vegan has also made me so much more creative in the kitchen, which is really fun. Though to be honest, my husband does cook more than I do! We watch a lot of cooking shows and figure out ways of adapting their dishes in to vegan ones. We eat a lot of Indian and Thai (lots of stir fry), Mexican (just started making empanadas), Italian (made some fabulous "meat balls" the other night). Now that it is cooling off too, there are lots of soups I love making. I'm pretty cold-natured, so I love a good hearty soup! Last winter I had posted a "recipe" of one of my favorite's - "chicken" and rice soup.

Another recent fun thing I made - mashed cauliflower. My brother had told me a couple years ago how good it was and I just now got around to trying it. Though I love veggies, it has been lower down on my list of favorites. After trying this, it has definitely moved up. SO easy and far more yummy than I would have imagined. You should try it.

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