Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Favorite season

The month's blog-o-sphere think tank theme is our favorite season.

love my macro!

This is so easy - Spring! I'm not crazy about the cold, course, I'm not super crazy about the extreme heat either. But the feeling of spring coming alive after it's been cold and dead all winter is intoxicating. I love all the beautiful spring flowers and the days getting longer. The spirea is one of the very first flowers that comes out in my yard in the spring time. It says "Spring is coming, spring is coming!" And it makes me happy. Winter makes me want to hibernate, though because of our society, that isn't generally accepted, when you know, things like work have to happen.

Fall/autumn is a close runner up - the change in season after a long hot summer is so welcome and exciting. But it also means that winter is coming, so it isn't an occasion for joy the way spring time is.

make sure to check out the other participants this month to find out which seasons are their favorites!

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Thomasin Durgin said...

Beautiful picture! I had a hard time choosing between Spring and Fall myself, both magical times of year.

WATTO said...

Got to admit, anywhere but in the desert I have a hard time with the cold winter too. It's beautiful, but a little too cold for me.

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

I agree, I want to be hibernate in the winter myself:)

barbaradonovan said...

Ha! We both like Fall for the same reason -- relief after a long hot summer:)

kathryncole said...

Beautiful picture. I love the spring too!

Anonymous said...

love the picture!
Spring is good.
I fee like hibernating in winter too ;) I think it's a natural reaction to the shorter cooler days...