Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Shop Name!!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my original etsy shop - bcyrjewelry - is now just BethCyr! woohooo! When first signing up for etsy back in the day, before I had any cohesive idea of what I was doing, I signed up w/ that name. I've wanted o change it for a long time b/c people seem to never realize that it was supposed to be B. Cyr Jewelry. When to me, it looks like bc yr jewelry or often people would call me "bcy" - what? so, anyway, no more confusion! I also did away w/ the jewelry since I am still selling tshirts and whatever else I feel like. I feel like it is wide open to do with what I want now and it doesn't have the word jewelry attached!! Yayyyyy!!!!!

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