Monday, November 7, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - 11.7.11 - Holiday Preview

This month's EtsyMetal topic is "Holiday Preview".

When I first saw the topic, I thought I might not participate. The past couple years since my business has changed, my approach to the holidays is much different. Considering the vast majority of my orders are "made to order" and I'm usually on a 5 - 6 week turn around... well, most shoppers are too late by the time they notice or get around to thinking about it. I, too, am a late shopper, so I totally understand.

This year, I'm trying to think ahead a little bit. Though I may not end up actually making a lot of new pieces for the holidays, I will be offering a lot of ready to ship items. I often make rings as samples, or exchange out sizes, and end up with a stock of rings that, in theory, wait around until someone comes along and just happens to need that exact width/size/style, etc... Which does happen sometimes.

However, with rings I make as a new design or sample idea... often, not many people ever see them. I even have photographs of most of them! It is the editing and the listing that I never seem to make time for. I wish the photos would magically just directly upload to etsy, perfectly sized and that the descriptions would write themselves.

So this year, I've already started getting to work - taking and editing those photographs and *gasp* actually creating listings! Friday I put up 9 new listings! woohoo! and more will be added every week. Great for me, great for customers who want me to be able to actually ship something the next day (or same day). I also have a lot of earrings, pendants and bracelets just sitting around up to no good. Pieces that would be fabulous for holiday presents!

These items have been listed already:

And each of these rings will be listed soon!!

Make sure to check out other EtsyMetal members for their holiday previews as well!


Evelyn Markasky said...

Boy, I totally know what you mean!! I'm impressed at all your listings!
Very nice pieces

Beth Cyr said...

thanks Evelyn!!

Anonymous said...

You do incredible work! Looking forward to following your shop. Have a great season.

Rebecaa ~ AdobeSol

Nodeform said...

ohh, I love your rough diamond rings! So great yo see you managed to have the earthy colors preserved during casting.

kate jones said...

lovely little leaf ring. so sweet!