Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - What am I thankful for?

Such a fabulous topic for this time of year!

A friend of mine asked me to substitute teach for his yoga class. It's a little bit different class than what I've been teaching, or even just the standard beginner class, so I've been doing a bit more preparing than I usually do. I decided I'm going to add a "gratitude" theme to the class - seemed fitting as it will be 2 days before Thanksgiving!

In thinking about what to teach, it has gotten me thinking about all that I have to be thankful/grateful for. All those little things that we usually take for granted every day (or maybe not depending on who you are!) - easeful breath, smooth joint mobility, the ability to bring awareness to all those little things...

I'm thankful to be happy, to have learned tools to work towards greater ease and happiness. I can still get stressed, have a mental melt down and feel unnerved, but I've learned how to move past those things much more quickly. It is kind of subtle, but something I am extremely thankful for.

There is also a huge list of other things of course, love of my sweet heart, amazing friends and family, the best kitty in the world (although most cat owners think that... haha!), my health, a successful business, no debt other than the usual mortgage and student loan (though i am thankful those are both being paid down at an excellent rate!), health, happiness, and my brand new yoga ball that is super fun to sit on while I work. :)

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