Monday, August 6, 2012

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - The 5 senses

This month's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival is:
"The Five Senses"
Describe your 5 senses. Which are your favorites and least favorites?

I'll start with my eyes! Perhaps one of the more important senses for a visual artist, although my vision isn't all that great. Normal with glasses or contacts, just not naturally!

Touch would probably be next. I am a very tactile person and the way things feel is really important. Often my fingers can feel something my eyes may miss. I can be really jump of something lightly touches me though. It's especially hilarious when my hair is long and tickles me the wrong way and I'm startled by my own hair!

Hearing... I would say I have selective hearing. Sometimes I have really great hearing. Sometimes I can totally miss hearing something b/c I'm in lala land or just paying attention to something else. I've recently started noticing that I can hear better at certain ranges (maybe that is common?) And I seem to be able to hear better at night. I can turn the tv volume wayyy down late at night and in the morning wonder how I could hear that! maybe it's just that all the cicadas and summer bugs are more quiet at night.

Taste - I like it. Food is good. I wouldn't say I have a super wonderful palate, but I think maybe it's better than some. I like most flavors in moderation though. Not big on too too sweet or salty or spicy. I like all of those flavors, but just not too much. I think I'm just really sensitive.

Smell is my least developed sense. I don't know if it is similar to my hearing or I just don't have a good sense of smell. Sometimes I'll ignore a smell until someone says, "oh, do you smell that" and I clearly can, but I just hadn't noticed b/c I was too busy thinking about something else!

So for least favorite, the winner would have to be smell. I like things that smell good, and I often don't notice things that smell bad, but yeah, if I have to pick a least that would be it.

Sight would have to be my favorite. I don't think I miss much. I have great peripheral vision even when wearing glasses. The connection between my eyes and brain seems to be the strongest.   I also think that my poor vision has aided me in ways I would have never noticed. When I practice yoga, I usually don't wear contacts (and definitely don't wear glasses). When in a class, it helps to keep me more focused on myself and not comparing to what other people are doing. It also allows me to not be as distracted - allowing my internal awareness to really come forth. I actually think I have better balance b/c I'm not as reliant on visual cues.

I'd like to add in the "6th" sense of intuition... or whatever you'd like to call it. That feeling you have when you're thinking about calling someone and they call you within seconds, or when you know that someone is looking at you and they are... It's a pretty important sense that I continue to try to develop. It's pretty subtle most of the time, but something to be aware of nonetheless.

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Evelyn Markasky said...

yea, I like that 6th sense too!!

Victoria Takahashi said...

your eye is gorgeous! i also love you mentioning the 6th sense, I believe we all have it but we're just a wee bit out of practice.
lovely post! xo

Beth Cyr said...

thanks ladies!!! that 6th sense could use a little more practice! :)

Spring said...

Intuition as a 6th makes a lot of sense (excuse the pun!) - it's almost a combination of the others and something a little less tangible.

Taste is a big one for me, but then I'm quite a foodie :)

Gracebourne said...

I do yoga "blind" too! Staring into that mirror is a such a distraction when you're trying to focus inward.

PeculiarForest said...

Love this post too and everyones interpretations :)