Friday, July 20, 2012

Blogosphere Think Tank - July Installment - Favorite time of Day

ooh, so interesting... I guess I'd have to say any time the sun is up. I like day time best. Once the sun goes down I start to get tired and want to sleep. I think of myself as the anti-vampire! haha! I think I'm just in tune with nature and plants enough that I work on their rhythm.

Each part of the day I like for different reasons... and depending on the season, it changes too! I do really enjoy mornings. Friday mornings I go running and teach yoga and it is just fabulous! Such a beautiful time, shortly after the sun has come up - still slightly coolishhhh in the summertime. There's a certain calmness in the air, everything waking up and a subtle anticipation for what the day will bring.

I tend to be most productive in the afternoons though. My brain seems to be in top gear between 1 - 7pm. For some reason, stone setting around 3 or 4 seems just right as long as I know I have several more hours to work and don't have to rush. So prime work tends to get done between those hours.... most days. When it is super hot in the studio (over 100F) I do tend to slow down.

But really, I like night time too... because I like to sleep! Stationary time of watching tv or a movie or reading and then sleepy time.

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Anonymous said...

I <3 being in tune with what your body says... and being able to work with that. :)*ande

Anonymous said...

Anti-vampire, LOL! :)

barbaradonovan said...

HAHA....I love "anti-vampire.

I wish my brain was in top gear in the afternoons! Have to say I'm not above the 20 minute cat nap some days when the 2pm sluggishness sets in.

pencilfox said...

very honest and sweet post.