Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art Fire Update

Though I haven't sold anything on Art Fire, I still really like it. Its so user friendly. You'd think I'd actually update it more often since it is so easy, but sometimes I just have a difficult time keeping up with everything. I'd gotten an email stating they had done some new updates, etc. I'm still not crazy about their front page, but they are continuing to follow through w/ improving the site frequently. Each shop can customize some of the colors now - which is fun! Not necessarily needed, but I really like the overall look.

I recently deleted my mintd store. I have repeatedly tried to have them cancel my paying acct and downgrade to a free one - apparently, they don't have anyone that actually answers emails - so I decided just deleting it was the best thing. I also have a shop on ShopHandmade, which I am thinking of also deleting. I don't sell on any other site besides Etsy - and I feel like its mostly b/c I don't put any energy at all in to doing anything with them. Part of me thinks that having things viewable in different locations is good. But whats the point really, if nothing ever sells?

At least with Artfire, I'm locked in at $7/month. I feel like I should stick with them a bit longer. For a year, its only $84 - I can think of it as advertising dollars! And if I can sell one set of rings, it completely covers it. Can you tell I am rambling and trying to rationalize things to myself... Its time for some yoga... or more caffeine.

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