Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Search for the perfect yoga cushion

I feel like I am being entirely too picky. But I really want to find the 'perfect' yoga cushion... for me perfect, not perfect for everyone. I want something pretty. I want buckwheat hulls, I don't want it too big. I found one I was about to buy and I noticed how large it was... and well. It changed my mind. And I don't sew.

Here are ones I think I've narrowed it down to.

I love the Sari Patterns from barfoot yoga

the green one on the left

and I'm really loving this orange one too!

and then I found this one from halfmoon yoga products. Which is very practical, b/c I really only sit on half the cushion anyway, and I love leaves. But do I like the fabric as much?

well... so far those are my top picks. Then I think, would I rather just look at a plain color?? I'm off to work on waxes and think about it some more.


Laura Guptill Jewelry said...

I vote for the green or the orange one! These are beautiful...

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Laura! :)

Unknown said...

Love that orange one but knowing you, you'll probably end up with something green :P

Beth Cyr said...

ha ha! i know, that was why I was actually leaning towards the orange one! I do really like orange - my office and studio are painted orange and they make me happy. but yes, i generally pick green!

Christina said...

i love the pattern on the last one. either way though, all of these are great choices.