Monday, January 4, 2010

My most cherished object... lets make that plural shall we?

The first Monday of the month, EtsyMetal has a Blog Carnival topic. Not that I need a topic for today as I still have more I'd like to post, despite the fact I have already posted once today already! Coming out of holiday hibernation leaves me w/ a lot to post about.

So the topic for this month is to pick a most cherished object. I don't consider myself materialistic and in fact, enjoy getting rid of most things. I guess you could say I (generally) don't have a problem letting go!

One person phrased it as "what would you grab if your house was on fire" which made it a little easier to think in terms of what do I really cherish.

First thing... obviously, my kitty. But I don't really consider her an object so thats just a given.

Second thing... my computer. Which makes me either sound A. like a total geek, B. completely unsentimental and unromantic and C. extremely materialistic. Its also the second most obvious and oh so practical answer. My business is run on the computer, photos are kept there, its my connection to friends and family that are now scattered around the globe. But the word "cherished" gives me a different feeling than my computer gives me...

so lets move on to the more sentimental objects.... which are the things I think this question is really about. And I'm going to list three things b/c I want to.

1. A photo album of childhood and family photos my mom put together for each of the kids a few years ago. Many of the photos are not printed out from a digital source, so they are pretty special and hold a lot of lovely memories.

2. My Dog - not a real dog, but a stuffed animal. I haven't kept many "keepsake" items but this stuffed animal will NEVER be thrown away or given away. When I was little I would wander around the house at night before going to bed saying in cute plaintive voice "where's my dog... where's my dog...." even then I had a bad habit of moving something and not remember where I had put it! ha ha! I always hoped that it would be like the velveteen rabbit and one day come alive.

3. A collection of journals from 2nd grade. A truly fascinating look at the child I used to be. Every once in awhile I stumble upon them and give them a read. Though I obviously have memories of being 8, reading what my little 8 year old self wrote is entirely different. If you have kids, I highly recommend having them keep some sort of little journal/sketch book (if they are so inclined) b/c they will love having it later in life.

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Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

I really like your recommendation to parents about #3. What a gift to be able to look back and see who you really were when you were a child!

Lunasa Designs Jewelry said...

Awesome Beth!
I also recommend (as a parent) keeping a journal of the things your kids do and say (when they're still too young to write) - I did that for Connor and Elijah and reading them to the boys now is hilarious!

stacey said...

i have a stuffed panda that i will never, ever get rid of either.

Beth Cyr said...

aww, little stuffed panda....

my mom also recorded us talking when we were really little - I was around 2ish or so and wasn't great at talking, especially when she would put the microphone in front of me. I mostly sound like I'm hyperventilating! ha ha!

Victoria Takahashi said...

awww stuffed animals, yes!!!
nice post Beth.

I had to put my favorite kitty stuffies away sadly because the dogs :( you reminded me, i miss sleeping them....