Friday, January 29, 2010

Ring a Day #27, #28

Two more down - I'd planned on blogging these last night, but time got away from me.

The blue sapphire ring is one of my 'cheat' rings. I'd had it sitting around unfinished for months and finally got a stone in that was suitable to fit in the seat I'd already cut! (long story...) So I got it finished up and used it for my ring a day - without the challenge, it would probably still be sitting around waiting to be finished!

The burlap ring was inspired by the project runway challenge that is due today. I suppose the ring could double as the challenge piece, but its not going to :). I have a pendant using burlap that is almost finished and is much more of a worth piece for the project runway challenge.

Which, by the way, I have forgotten to mention has started back again. I missed the first week due to the craziness of having to get my taxes in order with 4 days notice. It threw everything in to a frenzy!


Christina said...

that sweet little sapphire ring is too pretty. my goodness.

Beth Cyr said...

aww, thanks! i should actually list it so i can try to sell it! :)