Friday, March 9, 2007

Blogging novice

I'm not really sure how blogging works - so this might be a little rough for awhile!
As of Dec. 31st, 2005 I've been working as a full time jewelry artist. Its had it good times and its rough times, but in general I feel its getting better and better. I'm trying to get my name and my jewelry a bit more widespread so I thought adding a blog to the mix might help.

I have an online gallery site - its still in the works as you will see if you check it out, but for the most part it is done. Check it out -

I also have an online store on Etsy - which is fabulous if you have never shopped on Etsy. It is a place to buy "all things handmade". My store is at
I'm constantly adding new things, so you should check that out often and feel free to ask for custom work as well.

My aim is to never make the exact same thing twice. Even a lot of my earrings are close matches, but not exact. I think its more fun to make everything unique, but also more fun as a buyer to know you aren't going to have the exact same piece of jewelry that your co-worker is going to be wearing the next day.

I'm also very in to yoga. So quite a few pieces of my jewelry and artwork are yoga inspired and in the next coming months will be producing even more (I just got some new fun tools for my studio!)

So there is the intro. I'll be updating probably every Friday or so. Maybe more, we'll see.

Here are my favorite pair of earrings for the moment.... and available on Etsy!

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Tah Groen said...

Hi Beth, love the new blog the colors and lay out are great and the work is beautiful! I love these earring too! Tah Groen