Monday, June 25, 2007

Athfest 2007

Athfest 2007
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So after I made it through my first Arts/Music festival, I have to say.... I would do it again! It was fabulous. I've been saying over and over, I just don't think its my scene, etc, etc. I had heard to many stories of people just being rude and the thought of sitting by myself for hours on end while trying to sell my wares... it just didn't feel right.

But this show as a bit different. I shared a tent with my friend Monica Jones who makes fabulous ceramic art and functional wares. There was great music in the background the whole time. The customers were wonderful - not a single rude or negative comment the whole time. And....

I won an Honorable Mention Award! I was shocked - my first festival and I didn't know what I was doing. And that meant a nice monetary prize as well. How wonderful!

It was very exhausting though. 23 hours in two days of 97 degree Georgia heat. I had never been so happy to take a shower and be in air conditioning!!

I made some great new friends. Check out these fabulous artists:

Cathy Dailey - wonderful and colorful animal inspired art

Jillian Guarco - "photography and messes"

Lynn Louise Larson - Lylou Design bags/purses

All in all, very rewarding and pleasantly surprising. So I just might do another one some day!


Oz Design said...

Congratulations for Honorable Mention Award. I’ve checked your ETSY store and loved your stuff too. Your blog is so personal and great. I love learning from the others and their experience. Thank you for sharing those. I should put my blog more stuff but I have just started so I am still learning about that too :)

Beth Cyr said...

Thank you! I'm just starting to get my blog really going, so it is lovely to get great feedback!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on such a good show! Also, thanks for the etsy advice. :)

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Leah! I'm glad I could help!