Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Growth: an organic vine ring evolution

This special ring is one of the first pieces I've entered for any show or publication in a long time. I'm really excited and hope that it gets in - the show will be at the SNAG conference in Savannah this year and then will travel around the country. How fun would that be?!


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous ring! I love how detailed it is, the scroll vine is what really makes this piece special.

How comfortable is a ring like this? Does it hinder hand movement?

WHho cares, it really is a piece of art

Beth Cyr said...

Aww, thanks Mary! Its actually not that uncomfortable at all. The ring is just contoured to your hand so it doesn't feel weird, but you can close your hand with no discomfort. It definitely looks best thought with your hand stretched out - not your every day ring for sure!