Friday, April 10, 2009

1 is the new 2

1 is the new 2
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These rings used to be just one, but I cut it and filed and ground on it a bit and hammered it a whole bunch, and now they are two lovely smaller rings! I was so pleased to have a customer find me and ask me to do these for her. Her ring was too wide and too small and she simply couldn't wear it anymore, but wanted to keep the ring and the sentimental value that was connected to it.

It was perfect because she needed it sized up just the right amount, the ring was plenty thick enough and wide enough. And it was incredibly fun to do!

So if anyone has a ring they need to be made larger and want it to be hammered on - send it my way! :)


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Great job. Very beautiful. She will love it. I wish I had a ring to send to you!!!

Christina said...

these turned out beautifully! oh and i'm going to e-mail you soon about the dresses:)

Beth Cyr said...

thanks ladies!! :)