Monday, July 11, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - 7.11.11 - Artist Inspiration/Influence

This month's EtsyMetal topic is:
Artist's Work That Has Influenced My Own

It is a really interesting topic - particularly because I've tried to not be influenced too much by anyone and really prefer to try to find my own way. For a long time I didn't want to look too closely at any other jewelers' or metalsmiths' work. Going through art school - we were often assigned projects where we had to choose another artist and base something off of their work. I generally tried to pick artists far away from metal! For years I did a lot of mini nude female pendants and rings inspired by Gustav Klimt. I loved the flowy nature of their bodies in paintings like Medicine and Philosophy - which are a bit different than the standard you think of when you hear the name Klimt...



You can read more about these paintings - on wikipedia of course!

Though to look at my work now, you probably wouldn't see the influence so much, but I know it is there.

Another artist I love that I think has influenced me on a deeper level is Andy Goldsworthy. If you aren't familiar with his work, you should check it out! His connection with nature is truly incredible as is his way of looking at patterns and attention to details.

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Cynthia Del Giudice said...

Great pick! I love Klimt too!

Rebecca Bogan said...

Great influences!! Fantastic video. Thanks!

Evelyn Markasky said...

Klimt and Goldsworthy are really interesting choices!
I don't think your work has to look like theirs to be influenced by them, they are like the backbone that motivates you. I'd love to see the pendants and rings you made, are there photos somewhere?!

tkmetalarts said...

Amazing artist choices, especially Goldsworthy. His art is so "short lived" but creates really lasting images of beauty.

Fluxplay Jewellery. said...

I love the work of Klimt too, the complex compositions, rich textile effect and mixed media surfaces of his work.