Monday, August 1, 2011

August EtsyMetal Blog Carnival: Roots

It's August already! And the topic this month for EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival is "Our Roots" - Where we came from. How our families have influenced us, artists in the family, etc.

I think I was like a lot of kids who loved to draw and color - starting with crayons and markers, and colored pencils. I remember when I was 7, having drawing of a tree I did in the Alabama State fair. It was a crayon resist - yellow crayon and brown water color. There was probably more to it, but I don't remember... I'm not even sure if I ever got it back. No artists in the family, but my mom was always very supportive and really creative. I had a wonderful art teacher in elementary school, Mr. Lyles. I used to stay after school and use the kick wheel - learning how to throw little pots was the first 3d thing I remember learning. There were a couple week long art camps during the summer I went to. One of my grandmothers was really creative to and did a lot of different crafts. I remember painting and decorating fancy easter eggs with her, as well as a lot of other crafty creative things.

Sadly - there was minimal instruction or direction once I got to middle school. There was a fire in my school that damaged the wing the art room was on - my art class was relegated to a small trailer - so the curriculum was a bit lacking...

I had a great and supportive art teacher through part of high school. We even had a dark room where I learned how to develop my own photos and really became passionate about photography. Sadly my wonderful teacher left and was replaced by someone... not so wonderful and I didn't even get to have an art class my last year in high school. The other high school in the county had a dark room and a couple times I got permission to go over there and use theirs after ours was out of commission.

And then I went to college and was surrounded by wonderful art teachers and all the art classes I could ever want!

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AdobeSol said...

Amazing what a really good teacher can do to influence a student's life! You certainly became a wonderful artist. Your work is amazing.

Beth Cyr said...

aw, thanks rebecca! it is amazing what a really great teacher can do.