Monday, February 6, 2012

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - 2.6.12 - Who would you like to see wearing your jewelry?

This month's Etsymetal blog carnival topic is:
Who would you like to see wearing your jewelry?

I think I'll answer this in a couple ways. The first "person" I would love to see wearing my jewelry would be a total stranger in another state. Like if I were to travel to California and be eating in a restaurant and look over and the person next to me is wearing one of my rings, I think I'd probably be beyond thrilled. How fun would that be?

The other interpretation of the topic, as in, what celebrity would I like to see wearing my jewelry - I would have to say Natalie Portman. If there was a movie made about me/my life and I could pick who would play me, it would be her, so of course I'd love to see her wearing my jewelry! haha!

(insert my earrings here, photo credit)

Make sure to check out the other participating members this month (there are only 3, so no excuses for not reading all of them!)

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Port2guez Princess said...

I stumbled on your blog a few days ago after working on mine and I absolutely love your work! My favorite is that Tree Bark necklace and the Organic stack of hammered rings! I also love your earrings... OK, OK... so I just love it ALLLL! Your products would sell like hotcakes in Berkley, San Francisco, and Davis, CA... people love this earthy, organic, natural look that you seem to have down to a science. Come to California! I'm gonna have to get that necklace next month when things pick up for me :)

utah cash for gold said...

These lady astounds me with her elegance.