Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Giveaway! New Design - Galaxy Ring

Warped Edge-On Galaxy ESO 510-G13

Finally! It is here! For those of you that don't follow me on facebook, I've been giving hints all week for a big giveaway that I am announcing today!

The details:

I am giving away one custom ring in my new galaxy ring design. It is 5mm wide with stars and optional diamonds in my new palladium/silver alloy. The sample ring in the photos has one large star and 3 smaller stars and 3 2mm diamonds. Number of stars and diamonds is totally up to the winner (though, no more than 3 diamonds). My plan for making it more "manly" when I do the full set, will be less stars and less diamonds, a little more simple and with just the texture and possibly one star... It also include optional engraving.

The value of this ring is $480.

And as a special surprise, I decided to also do a 2nd prize of a $50 gift certificate towards anything jewelry in either of my shops.

and now the important info!

How to Enter

1. You must follow me on my facebook page or my blog

Your name will be entered in the drawing once for each of the following

*follow on facebook
*follow on blog
*follow on twitter
*repost on facebook
*repost on blog
*repost on twitter
*join my mailing list
*pin one of these ring photo on pinterest

(your name could be entered a total of 8 times)

2. Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know

a. where you follow me, if you reposted or joined my mailing list
(if you are currently on the mailing list, you don't need to sign up again)

b. let me know what nature theme you would like to see in a ring set
OR let me know your current favorite design

Winners will be chosen on April 17th.

*I will be using to choose the winners. Each name will be assigned a number. Let's say Christina enters 7 times, she'll have numbers 1 - 7 assigned to her. The first number chosen will be the winner of the ring, the 2nd number chosen will be the winner of the $50 gift certificate. If I'm not able to contact the winner through a message on facebook or email, I will announce their name here on the blog.

More photos can be seen on flickr:
or on my facebook page.

Thanks for participating! :)


Anonymous said... this ring!! my finger is bare and needs this adornment :O)

follow you on fb and now your blog :O)


Dimitrova said...

Beth, this is gorgeous!!!

It reminds me of the rings Marlowe and I have, those are my favorite design (wish upon a star)! :)

I follow you on fb, and your blog, and I am on the mailing list.


Haley said...

Hi Beth,

I follow your blog and am now on your mailing list and following you on facebook.

I really like the pebble design you had in a pendant and earrings, and also the shooting star rings.

Anita said...

HI! I am on your mailing list, follow you on facebook, pinned a picture to pinterest, am now following your blog and I posted on facebook!

Right now my favorite is midnight vine ring but I like a lot of them!

Shirlee said...

Stunning Beth. and it fits with the rest of your collection. I'm on your mailing list and pinned you to pinterest.


Nicole said...

Hi! I now follow you on facebook and your blog. I've reposted on facebook and pinned on pinterest, and I'm totally on the mailing list!

I am absolutely in love with the new star rings. Reminds me of my man and favorite constellation Orion.

I have one of your large flower rings from many years ago, and would love another Beth Cyr original.

Anonymous said...

I follow you on facebook (angel of angel & jeremy), I'm not cool enough to have a blog account yet. I'm going to repost on facebook.

I love all your work, particularly the midnight vine ring that is my wedding band!!! The star rings also are amazing. I would love to see a design based on the ocean....something about being out at sea in the middle of the night where all you see is the shadows of the waves and millions of stars in the sky.

Hannah W said...

Been following you via your mailing list (which is how I saw this post). I've recently discovered Google Reader so I subscribed to your blog there. You totally captured me with your custom initial ring that I saw a long time ago on Etsy. That's why I follow you. Didn't realize you had a Facebook and Twitter page!Totally followed you and shared your post in both places. I hope you don't mind, used a bitly link on Twitter so that I could say something instead of just retweeting. I'm a Pinterest freak, so all the ring is on my Pinterest now :-)

Into the Depths... said...

Amazing work!

discomedusa said...

So great, Beth!

I reposted on facebook (which autoposts to twitter) & pinned the first photo.

Would love to see snowflake designs in your fused style!

Anonymous said...

Love the new ring! My fiance and I are really excited about the wedding rings we ordered. I am following you on facebook :-)

(This is Andrea of Andrea and John, who ordered the Shooting Star rings yesterday. I tried posting with my Google ID, but it did not work.)

Erica said...

Hey Beth! Exciting giveaway!

Well, I was quite pleased to see I was already doing most of the ways to enter, and did a few more to gain a few more chances. Here's how I've entered:

*follow on facebook
*follow on blog
*follow on twitter
*repost on Facebook
*repost on twitter
*join my mailing list

The tree bark ring was how I found your designs in the first place, but I think if you would have been making the Redwood tree rings then I would have bought that one instead! It's my current favorite.

Also, do you think you could ever see clouds in a new design? Like a day-dreamer ring?


The Little Mama said...

Pretty pretty! It's been so long since I've had one of your treasures arrive in the post! I'm about due, I think. :)
I believe I already follow you on facebook, and am on your mailing list... off to follow your twitter account and blog! xo

clair said...

Beautiful ring!

I follow you on Facebook
I am on your newsletter
I like you on Facebook
I have reposted on Facebook

I _love_ this ring, I have always loved stars!

Beth Cyr said...

Thank you for all the comments! I'm really excited to be doing a giveaway finally and getting great feedback :)

Angel - I actually have a new design based on the ocean and sand. I say new b/c no one has seen it, I'm hoping to get it up by summer...

Erica - I have been collecting loads of cloud photos on pinterest - so I think there is a very good chance that there will be a cloud inspired ring soon!

Caitlyn - I actually did make snow flakes this year as Christmas ornaments for presents. I'd planned on making them available to the public, but got busy with other things.

Unknown said...

I cannot find you on twitter(I mean there are bethcyrs but, I'm not sure they're you).

I'm on
1) mailing list
2) facebook
3) blog
4) reblogged
5) shared on facebook
6) would love to follow
7) would love to tweet
8) PINNED! on my pinterest board.

I'm really hoping to win because I LOVE my ring and my sister is an astrophysicist student at Notre Dame. How cool would it be for her to wear one of these?

Hannah W said...

I would love to see you do something with finger prints. Those are always so cool!

Also anything related to the beach or the ocean would be lovely :-)

Beth Cyr said...

hi larc!
here's the twitter link - I included it in the initial post... I remember copying the link at some point and I guess forgot to paste it!!/bcyrjewelry

Maxime said...

Oops forgot to say - what about a ring with some kind of vines/vine style? :)

The Sirius Baker said...

Hi Beth!
I found this via my sister's (Larc) FB reposting and I adored the rings you made for her.

I'm now part of:
Mailing list
Following your blog
Liked on FB

The midnight vine and wish upon a star rings are both lovely and very unique designs. This new design is simple, but elegant.

In a strange coincidence, I study galaxies and one of the galaxies I focus my research on is NGC 4013, aka "The Diamond Ring Galaxy"!
Thank you for doing this new design!

Unknown said...

ok-I'm in for twitter as well!

GVDeb said...

I follow your blog!

Radiantsun said...

You made my wedding rings and people still stop me to comment on how unique they are! I am just sad I didn't find you when my husband was proposing...I would have directed him your way! anyway....
I follow you on Facebook
I follow your blog
I don't have a twitter account (I know, I know)
Reposting NOW!
I don't have a blog to repost :(
I already get your emails!
I WILL PIN ALL THE RINGS! HAHAHA (you have to say that like those meme pictures to get the full effect)
Any of your rings are my favorite! hahaha

tkmetalarts said...

Gorgeous ring, Beth. Lucky winner!

Al said...

i follow ur blog and on FB.
i joined ur mailing list and reposted on FB.

i love the midnight vine ring you and as well as ur other work with leaves.
id be very interested to see what you could do with sunflowers as theme.

Stephanova said...

I follow you on this blog (Stephanova)
On Facebook
On Twitter (@StephaniaNova)
And I pinned you! (

ColleenBaran said...

A beautiful ring I would be honored to win!

And what a super great giveaway!

I'm following you on
& twitter
pinned you
& the tweet's on facebook

& Love the new series. Hard to pick a favorite. Your tree bark love knots are very high on this list. & These:)

Genine said...

I just pinned, subscribed to your blog and mailing list :)

Love the water theme.

And, I emailed you the other day about a custom wedding ring request :)

Yeah, love your work.
Thanks Genine

Stacy St. John said...

Thanks for this great opportunity. That's such a beautiful ring!!

I like you on FB,
reposted it on FB,
subscribed to your mailing list,
and pinned this page.

I can't decide between this galaxy design or the tree bark ring!

Beth Cyr said...

Thank you for all the followings and new comments! Keep 'em coming!

Between now and the 17th I will be announcing one more way to enter... haven't completely decide the details of it yet, so it could be a last minute surprise! haha!

jes [a mountain bride] said...

I've always had a spiritual like affection for Van Gogh's Starry Night...and this ring is so pretty...just like a starry night.

- I follow you on Facebook
- I follow your blog.
- I'm on your mailing list
- I posted one of these pics to my Pinterest
- and I reposted your contest to my blog here:

When I first became a fan I was totally drawn to your tree bark collection...but now I think that your Subtlety collection is simply divine...and hope to replace my husband's titanium wedding ring with one of those (and actually get the matching set so we have matching bands!) It's the goal.

Cori Jessy said...

That ring is gooorgeous. Love love love it. I've entered below:

1) Followed on FB
2) Followed on Twitter
3) Followed Blog
4) Pinned
5) Subscribed to mail list
6) Tweeted

My favorite design is the tree bark with the leaf band wrapped around it. I'd love to put that on my finger. Any of your rings would do though, I'm not picky. :)

nicole said...

This is such a fantastic giveaway! I came across it through A Mountain Bride's blog. I am now following you via:

1. Twitter; my handle is @nboddington.
2. Facebook; I'm Nicole Boddington Hunnicutt.
3. And I'm now following your blog.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh, and the "nature" theme I would love to see you do next would be honeybees/honeycomb. xo.

Naomi said...

Absolutely love the galaxy ring. My husband and I are big on anything with space, planets, etc. I have a large photo book on galaxies and am getting one of our favorites framed.

To win....I
1. Followed on FB
2. Followed on Twitter (nomerstoo)
3. Followed blog
4. Subscribed to the mail list
5. Pinned it to my Jewelry board

I'd love the galaxy ring, with maybe an option of a colored stone instead of a diamond. I love green stones and would love something like that. I saw one of the leaf rings with a green stone before and would love something similar.

Jenna said...

1-followed you on facebook
2-followed your blog through google
3-followed you on twitter
5-joined mailing list
6-pinned to pinterest

my all time favorite design of yours is the redwood twig engagement ring - so delicate and gorgeous.

Missy said...

I love this ring, it's beautiful. :) So, I've...

1) Followed on facebook
2) Followed on twitter
3) Followed your blog
4) Re-posted on FB
5) Re-pinned on Pintrist and...
6) Joined the mailing list.

I'd love to see a water-themed design - so many options! Ripples, breezes across the water, droplets, mirrored ponds, lilly pads...



Christina said...

I can't help but enter Beth, the ring is just too pretty! And it would look pretty good on my right hand if I don't say so myself.
I follow on Twitter and I tweeted.
I also posted on the ole' bloggity blog :)
And I've joined the mailing list!

Rachel said...

What a fun giveaway! I love the organic style of your jewelry!

I entered by doing the following:

*followed on facebook
*followed on blog
*followed on twitter
*joined your mailing list
*pinned one of these ring photo on pinterest

Excited for the winner, what a great prize!
P.S. sent me here!

carly mary said...

this is the sweet giveaway! christina from down and out chic sent me this way! i've been swooning over your rings for a while now. absolutely stunning.

1 - liked on facebook
2 - subscribed in g reader
3 - following on twitter
4 - reposted on facebook
5 - reposted on twitter
6 - joined mailing list
7 - pinned - 14k Palladium White Gold Love Knot

carly mary said...

i really enjoy how you pull your inspiration from nature - wooden grain, stones and vines. i love the galaxy design. pulling ideas from what is around you is truly beautiful.
keep doing what you are doing!

Gabbi said...

Amazing giveaway, I just started following your blog! And like Carly, I love that you find you find your inspiration through nature. Your Sands of Time collection is gorgeous and I would like to see one with an oceanic theme maybe? Little vines of seaweed or tiny starfish.

Holly Knitlightly said...

What a GORGEOUS ring! So pretty.

I just liked you on facebook! (Holly Crawford)
I'm following you on twitter. (Hllly)
Just pinned to pinterest. (
I'm following your blog on BlogLovin'!

Thanks for much for the chance to win! :)

angel charm said...

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway
i love this ring
followed on Facebook jenna sara

Email angelinrhythm(at)yahoo(dot)com

i love the Sterling and 3 Rough Diamond Ring - Palladium Sterling Silver Tiny Hammered Texture

angel charm said...

Twitter @angelcharm1
joined mailing list
Email angelinrhythm(at)yahoo(dot)com
posted on


mustang said...

I joined your mailing today but have always loved your designs. This ring is lovely.

Elisabella said...

Absolutely love the ring you are giving away. It would have such beautiful meaning, as the 3 diamonds would represent my 3 children. I also love the 'sands of time' diamond engagement ring. I never received and engagement ring, but have been married to the same man, going on 30 years...
I did subscribe to the your email list...

va said...

gfc follower va
fb fan / ana amanti
reposted on fb
signed up for newsletter
4 times

tumblemumbo at
intl. resident , thanks

vines and leaves and astronomy and tree bark , rose gold rings are also lovely .

DJ said...

Gorgeous ring!!! I follow your blog on google reader and I subscribe to your mailing list.

iamredmeat said...

I'm a fan on Facebook and I follow on google reader. I really like the tree motif.. love to see more of that. Thank you!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous!

I'm a follower on blogspot, facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

I would love to see something based on water...

AMZi said...

Gorgeous... Followed facebook and blog now!

Something with leaves... or trees...

Beth Cyr said...

@Down and Out Chic - and you follow me on fb and reposted on fb :)

Thanks as always sweet lady!

Thank you to everyone that has entered so far!! A little over 7 more hours to enter! And if you haven't seen - if you make a purchase and enter the code SPRING2012 - your name will be entered twice more in the drawing, AND you'll receive free shipping :)

Nicholia said...

Hi! I love it!
I entered in the following ways-

I followed you on facebook.
I am on your mailing list.
I repinned!!

slkjsslkjdlkfjkfjlksjdf said...

Beth, your work is amazing as usual! Love this ring. I'm also in love with your tree bark line. I follow you on FB and twitter, reposted on both of those, pinned a pic on pinterest, reposted on my tumblr, and joined your mailing list. Thanks!


slkjsslkjdlkfjkfjlksjdf said...

I forgot. I'm following your blog too ;-)

JPhin said...

This ring is absolutely lovely. I love the rough texture and stars. I am following you on Fb, pinned a picture of the ring and I am following your blog.

Beth Cyr said...

Hi JPhin!
Thanks for commenting and following! Unfortunately the giveaway closed last week. Stay tuned for future ones though!

Beth Cyr said...