Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - April Edition - Favorite Tool

I do have many favorites... tools that I couldn't live without, that I use every day, that I would recommend to any jeweler... but I do have one tool I just simply love. I do have a thing for hammers. My Peddinghaus "planishing/grooving" hammer is the one I don't think I could live with out. You know how you always look for the perfect tshirt or the perfect pair of jeans, often never really finding it. This is my perfect hammer. Even though I have another 20 or so, this will always be my favorite.

 my favorite hammer

Other tools that come close - my flex shafts - I have one w/ just a quick change handpiece and one w/ a hammer handpiece... love them both. My torches - without which I would not be able to work! I also have a few favorite wax working tools (stay tuned for etsymetal blog carnival first Monday in May for those). Make sure to check out everyone else's favorites!!

Andes Cruz:
Shannon Koochin:
Barbara Donovan:
Robyn Hawk:
Kathleen Krucoff:
Natsuko Hanks:
WATTO (Mary):
Wendy Kelly:
 Stephanie Clark:

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Anonymous said...

mmm, that looks like a nice hammer. did you see my fave hammer? *ande