Friday, April 11, 2008

What's in a name?

help me name this ring
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This lovely ring is similar to one I made a few years ago. I've been planning on trying to remake one for awhile and finally got around to it - and I have to say it turned out even better than the first one! I'm planning on making a thicker male version and then offering them as custom wedding bands. So I've been thinking about different names and have gotten lots of great advice from friends. I'm leaning towards "A journey to love".

It is fused Argentium sterling silver and 14k gold. When the patina is added to the silver it makes the gold pop out even more -it is like a thin vein running around the entire ring, also like a road, path etc... hence the journey. Aren't we all on a journey anyway? And I think marriage is a lovely way to share it.


Kirsten said...

the ties that bind?

Tara said...

Loves Never Ending Path?

elegantrockart said...

How about something like:

The Path to My Love is Golden

Beth Cyr said...

ooh ooh, thats a good one! i still haven't listed it... why? oh b/c I've kept it! I made the mistake in making it the perfect size for me and I just love it. I have another couple ones to list though and am leaning towards one word, either journey (makes me think of the band! ha!) or path - although "the path to my love is golden" is pretty fantastic!!