Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reclaimed - Men's

Reclaimed - mens
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Slowly I'm working on trying to come up with "manly" rings. It difficult because none of the men in my life wear rings, or jewelry at all for that matter! But this ring - I think is quite manly. Its tough and rugged and already has the signs of a well worn ring, except that it never has been worn!

It is part of my new "Reclaimed" series in that it used to look completely different, but has been turned in to something completely new. It has been hammered with three different hammers, all that leave a distinctive mark, but together, they create a wonderful natural and rock like texture. At some point I'll start creating some pieces from scratch with this same texture, but I really like the idea of taking a previous ring and making it look totally different.


Ashley said...

I love that! It looks like it is carved from stone.

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Ashley! I had that thought too, kind of like granite!