Monday, November 30, 2009

emjc- pr collection mosaic

emjc- pr collection mosaic
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This probably deserves a much longer post and description, but well, the holidays are upon us and there is much for me to do!

This is my final collection for the project runway challenges we've been having.

We had a brief mini challenge the week of the final episode airing in order to give us all more time for the final collection. I was so happy w/ the mini challenge piece I decided to run w/ it for my final collection.

Each piece has copper leaves and all but the hair stick has 14k gold balls. All is fused, which is a lot of fun and makes for some risky maneuvers!

I'm having a holiday sale this coming weekend here in town (if anyone is around I'll be at the 283 Holiday market on the 5th) - after that sale if they are are still available - these pieces will be up in my etsy shop. Right now they are just floating in limbo :)

Also - don't forget that you can enter to win my giveaway pendant - which is actually the mini challenge piece and the inspiration for the final collection!


kerin rose said...

wow, Beth, I love seeing this collection all together like this!...I so wish I had had the time to participate...just looks like sooo much FUN!...and what a great format to push your skills and thinking!...have a great show!

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks kerin! I made myself find the time to do it, even just an hour or two a week made a huge difference and pushed me more than anything since school!