Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If you care about where diamonds come from...

Please sign this petition to ban Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds. It is really horrid and needs to be stopped.

A bit from the website:

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has sent his brutal army to seize control of his country's diamond fields. 200 civilians have been murdered and profits from our wedding rings are used to fuel violent political conflict.

Official diamond regulators meeting in Namibia this week will decide whether to suspend Zimbabwe and stop Mugabe selling his blood diamonds on the world market.

We have just 24 hours to persuade these countries to act - let's get a massive petition together and deliver it directly to the meeting in Namibia. Sign the petition below and then spread the word to anyone who doesn't want our gifts of love to finance hate.


Simbelmynë said...

Is there a good general reference for ethical gemstone and metal production and eco friendly jewelry supplies you can suggest? I'm new to everything.

Beth Cyr said...

I don't actually know of a general reference list.... Hoover and Strong uses 100% recycled metals, I buy all of my material fro them. Rio Grande uses many recycled metals, though not all. All their diamonds are conflict free. There are several other random stone dealers that I know provide diamonds that comply w/ the Kimberley Process which is the thing to look for as far as being conflict free.