Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Division "Talk About" May Edition

Our snow leopard team is now Handmade Division!

This month's topic is:
What item do you most treasure made by another artist? ( if there is one) If not, how about what would you *like* to have?

When I read this topic I was really stumped. I've got quite a few pieces that I feel all serve a different purpose and I'm not sure I have ONE that totally stands out. So I decided to pick my most recent acquisition - a fabulous ring from Bill Martin of purifiedart. It was one of those cases where I saw a few he had done on flickr and just totally fell in love. So he made one special in my size and I put it on before I got out of the parking lot of the post office. (picture above) Its utterly fantastic. I think of it as a futuristic or alien artifact. I'm not usually very flashy when it comes to wearing rings, but I do love wearing this one. It totally makes me feel special :) So right now, thats my favorite!

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Anonymous said...

Beth! SOOoooOOO lucky! I love those rings! and of course treasure my rings made by Bill. but I want one of those also :)

Jan said...

Such a beautiful and unique piece, Beth!!! I certainly understand your excitement about it! Love the unusual stone shape and the height of it. A rare treasure!
Jan :)

mettle design studio said...

oh my!! just love this ring!!! i can well understand unwrapping it and wearing it straight away!!!

jewellery rings said...

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Bill Martin said...

Thanks Beth! I'm glad you like it!!!

Christina said...

wow, amazing ring. the link to the shop (?) isn't working on my computer :(

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks everyone! (esp bill for my awesome ring)

i got the link fixed christina! thanks for letting me know :)