Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where I've been and Where I'm going....

So this title sounds a bit more 'deep thinking' than its really meant to be, but it might be fitting!

I've been really busy that last two weeks wrapping up all the custom orders for any June/early July weddings. I will be taking two weeks away from the studio for a yoga teacher training course starting on June 5th. I will be back in the studio on June 21st - but during that time, I will not be making any jewelry! I'm pretty excited on many levels.

The photos are all the rings I made in the last week and a half - it was a HUGE push - which is why I haven't been around here much! I wanted to make sure everything got done that needed to be done. I got them all finished and then some. There are a few more rings I'll be finishing up today that aren't in the photos - though I think they may deserve their own photo finishes. :)

I'm also really excited to be embarking on my yoga teacher training journey. The first session is 2 weeks this summer. The second session will be in January of 2011. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time... well, I don't know about that. I'm a pretty excitable person. But this does feel different in terms of it being a major life changing experience. I'm debating blogging about it over the next two weeks. If not during, I definitely will after it is all over.

I'm very interested to see how it affects my jewelry as well. I haven't taken a two week break, well, since I started my business full time in 2006.

Oh, and I'm getting my hair all chopped off. Big Changes! I'll post some before and after photos :)


kerin rose said...

love this photo!.....and training to teach...what an exciting development!...enjoy the journey Beth!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Great photo.

I love change. It's invigorating. Best wishes to you as you embark on this new path. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you return.

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks ladies!
It is quite exciting Kerin! Think of all those great jewelry tension relieving poses I can teach now :)

- I love change too Kathleen!

Unknown said...

Wow yoga teacher training!! It's a path I considered a few years ago but couldn't muster the dedication. Good for you! Looking forward to reading about the experience. As for hair, I chopped off my long hair to mark the end of corporate slavery. Haha... big changes indeed! All the best, Beth! (I still wear your Om necklace all the time :D)

Christina said...

you're getting your hair chopped off?! oh my goodness, exciting. i hope you have a great time at the yoga training. maybe after you get back, b and i can meet with you about our own rings? :)
have a great next few weeks!

Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Jasmin! I'll let you know how it goes - I think the dedication is easy for me b/c its my usual teacher who I absolutely love and adore and am really dedicated to her anyway!

Christina - definitely we can meet! and yes! hair all gone - I'm going to post photos today I think - before and afters... its pretttyyyy exciting!