Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting to get caught up!

Starting.... but not quite there yet. There are still lots of orders to fill, but after getting most of the batch all mailed out, I don't feel behind anymore. Depending on how much I get done this week, I just might start to feel ahead! wooohooo! Course, for me, I don't feel ahead unless I get orders mailed out two weeks early. Mailing something out on time seems to be late. I'm hoping I can let go of that feeling and realize that on time IS on time! I'd hoped to get some new designs made and listed soon, but it might be August before they're up! We'll see.

On the yoga front - I'm pleased to say I have successfully been able to do some aspect of my practice every day since the teacher training ended, whether its a busy day and all I did was a quick hatha practice, or a relaxing Sunday where all I did was meditate! My first practice class teaching session is coming up on Monday the 16th. I hope I'm ready by then! Luckily the 'students' are my fellow trainees. Great for feedback!

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