Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Carnival 09.05.10 "Back to School"

atlantis group photo
My final body of work from UGA

This month's installment of EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival is:

Back To School
Where did you go to school? Are you still a student? What kind of student were/are you? If you had the opportunity to go back to school, would you? Where and what would you study?

Hm... not sure how far back we're supposed to go with this question.... I went to elementary and middle school in Alabama - and moved to GA at the beginning of 8th grade. Went to high school at Lakeview-Ft.Oglethorpe Comprehensive High School (it has the longest name ever which I find hilarious, so I like to write it all out for humor value - LFO for short) I was a really good student. Then college came. I went to the University of GA and majored in Jewelry and Metalworking. I wasn't as good of a student in college - plenty of grades below an A - b/c I discovered what having a life outside of studying was like! And I also decided it was more important for me to learn what I needed to and not worry so much about getting a good grade. And being able to have so many art classes made me put my energy somewhere else than studying out of a book. Looking back now - it makes me think that college students between 18 and 19 should maybe just take the first year off of classes!

I guess one thing that I did love about particularly being in art school, is that I had the time and was supposed to make time, to just make something. I guess that is what I miss most is that I don't have as much time to do that now. I've become so business oriented, and since business is good, I make what my customers want me to make. At some point, I'll either have the time or make the time to get back to those creative roots I had in school where I was all about making something big and spectacular for no particular reason other than to make it!

Would I go back to school? Hm... I don't know, probably not. I love not having a structure of being required to be somewhere at a certain time every day all week long. Sometimes I do miss the learning aspect. I do learn really well as a student in a classroom environment. I learn better from a teacher than just reading something out of a book. The few anatomy classes I had during my yoga teacher training reminded me of that. But with such a more relaxed environment of lounging on a floor with a notebook in a yurt is much more fun than a sterile classroom in a desk. Some day I may change my mind, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

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Thomasin Durgin said...

I love that pic from your thesis show! Lakeview-Ft.Oglethorpe Comprehensive High School - what a name.

Inbar Bareket said...

You are the one on the left , right?
You are so beautiful :-)

Unknown said...

Maybe I won't have to travel to Seattle, when I can go back to school. Maybe UGA will do just fine. Wonder if they take old farts like me...

Victoria Takahashi said...

I hear ya, ithink it would be hard to switch gears from running a "business" to freely creating.
I think Im having the opposite problem! Im stuck in the middle somewhere!

I love your pic!