Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Sale - you should buy stuff.

So a couple weeks ago, I started a sale. I had every intention of photographing and listing a whole bunch of new stuff when I started it, however, that didn't happen. Today! Finally! I am getting things photographed and listed - I'm up to 11 new things - all of which are on sale and all of which are things I would really like to sell. So far, just lots of fun little earrings - those kinds that are easy to thrown in as you walk out the door realizing you've forgotten to put ANY jewelry on. All are under $35, most are $20 and under. A lot are $10 off or more. I'll be listing some bigger and more expensive pieces as well as the day goes on. The sale, though not indefinite, does not have a definitive end. "Get while the gettin' is good!" Here's a direct link to the SALE section.

Here are a few things of my favorites I've just gotten listed (pieces I'd almost just kept myself)

ALSO - and this was one of the main reasons for having the sale (besides my annual birthday sale!) is that EtsyMetal is turning 4! And we've been having big promotions and loads of other etsymetal members have been having sales too! You can check out the etsymetal blog for more info.

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