Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year, New Policy, New Design

I love the new year (i know we're already well in to it, but my working year started late). I love reevaluating and making changes. I love trying out new things and finding what is most efficient. So I've come up with a new "policy" that is written out in my announcement. I realize I get so easily caught up in answering questions and convos and emails every morning - it takes me literally hours and hours. depending on the question, I can spend an hour working on just ONE convo - looking up stones, figuring up prices of different metals, etc. I like to be thorough, but this takes time. I also realize that in doing this, I am actually putting that person 'above' customers who have already placed orders and are waiting for me to make and finish their ring. Granted, there is balance in everything, but if I spend 4 hours on the computer in the morning, that drastically shortens my day in the studio. So I've started limiting my time on the computer and not answering everyone right away. In some ways it seems like it is good customer service to answer quickly, but to what end? That I am taking more time away from working in the studio? Would someone prefer I answer them immediately or that I finish their ring more quickly?

Does this seem reasonable? Here's what I wrote for my new announcement. I do want to make sure it sounds nice and for people to know that customer service is important to me. And I want my 'paying' customers to know that I am putting them first. sooo... whatcha think?

*Please note* I am in the studio most of the day and since my computer is not, my online time is a bit limited. This means that it may take a little while to answer some convos. If it is an easy answer, I can respond quickly, but for a more lengthy response such as custom order price quotes, it may take up to a week to respond. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you are working with a tight deadline, please let me know and I will do the best I can to get back to you quickly. Thanks for understanding :)

In addition to my goal of spending less time on the computer (oh the irony of writing this blog post) I want to be making time to come up w/ new designs. Even if it is just a subtle new texture like these I finished yesterday. So, sorry computer, I will be spending less time with you. I think you can deal w/ just a couple hours a day right?

The new texture is built off of my subtlety bands, so still a nice organic base, w/ this super tiny hammer texture. I haven't come up w/ a name yet... so in addition to feedback on my policy - if you have any ideas for names, or what the texture reminds you of, that would be great! I used a rough diamond for this one b/c I have so many, and I really like them. But will most likely do another version w/ a regular cut diamond.

Hope everyone is finding the balance they need this year :)


Ann Hartley said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am wrestling with the exact same thing!!! Thank you so much for your post, I have been contemplating limiting my internet time and now you have given me the push to do it! Thanks so much for your honesty!!

barbaradonovan said...

And I thought I was the only one who could lose an entire morning on computer stuff and convos! I think that's a good solution -- very reasonable, great idea. I wonder though -- I can tell that some customers convo me with questions and its obvious they haven't taken time to read profile/policy/announcement info. Would it defeat the purpose of this to send a super brief acknolwledgement convo of the cut and paste variety to let them know you've received their inquiry?

nikki said...

As someone who struggles herself with the balance, I think it very well put. My only addition would be after...lengthy conversations... To give it the attention it deserves... Or somethingelse that adds value without apology. Here's to many productive studio hours!

Anonymous said...

The new texture sort of reminds me of dirt/earth or sand when you get your face down in it and look at it up close. Not sure "dirt ring" would work, but you asked....
Beautiful, as always.

Beth Cyr said...

thanks everyone! i think i will come up w/ a 'i'll get back to you soon message' i figured out that even if i have responded to a message, I can still mark it as 'unread' which is helpful.

re: dirt/sand - maybe not dirt - but sand was actually my thought. maybe it is the gold color too, but I was thinking of something like 'sands of time' :)