Monday, June 6, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - 6.6.11 - Etsy Metal Studio Tour

Yay! It's EtsyMetal Blog Carnival time! This month's topic is:
Etsy Metal Studio Tour

Show us where you work!
Describe what you love about your work space and/or any changes you would like to make in the future.

This past weekend, I got an iPhone! and I am SO excited. I love some of the photo apps, particularly the one I've been playing with the most - Hipstamatic. I mean, it just makes my studio look so interesting doesn't it?!

Today I was doing a quick casting (very short burnout) and decided for the blog post, I would document the process, in addition to some other general studio photos of my work stations. I meant to get a photo of the thermometer today... some other day... There is no air conditioning and by the afternoon most days, it's near 100. ouch. and with the kiln going, it doesn't make it any better. ah, well, I think it's better than huge blizzards in the winter.

Here's my photo journal for today!

investment about to be mixed

investment about to be mixed



more debubbbblingg

setting up

metal all weighed out!

flasks are ready (and normally, no, the door isn't wide open)

melting sterling

melting gold - sooo pretty! it's my favorite part!


cast and cooling


all cast and ready for clean up!

casting area and torches

soldering/fusing area

second workbench, mostly for engraving and mini drill press (hidden under the bag)

my main work bench - a total mess like most jewelers' I know!

So that was my studio! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Make sure to check out the other EtsyMetal members who are participating in this month's blog carnival!


AdobeSol said...

Beth, Wow!! Loved the tour and very interesting seeing one of your "processes"! Thanks so much for showing us.

barbaradonovan said...

Love seeing artists studios mess and all! Thanks Beth! We've been having those 100F days too. Whew! Don't know how you do it without AC. I know I used to be able to at one time....

Beth Cyr said...

thanks ladies! barbara - some days i don't know how i stay out in it as long as I do! lots of iced drinks... sometimes I break out the spray bottle too!

kathryncole said...

Wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing your process! Stay Cool! The heat is better than blizzards I think too. After living in Colorado for 11 years and freezing my fingers in my garage with no heat to polish my work, I am enjoying the warmth in Florida.

Cynthia Del Giudice said...

Wonderful space and very beautiful artistic photos!
I wish it was hot here! I hate working in cold weather!

Nodeform said...

I am so impressed that you can take a photo while melting the metal, amazing multi-tasker :) Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

I just got an iphone too, so my honeymoon phase with the apps, and photography options is still in full throws. Loved the tour. Especially the creative mess. :)