Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - #4 - May Edition - Favorite Quote

It is that time again for the Blog-o-sphere Think Tank! This month's topic is a fun one. And though I thought it would be easy... apparently it isn't! I'm one of those people who loves quotes. In college, I had different quotes pasted all around my room. It's hard to not love anything by Einstein. I mean, he was a genius after all!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" just might be my favorite. I had this tshirt when I was in high school. Though I quit wearing it, I kept it b/c I loved it so much - it's in my studio for inspiration.

I also remember loving this one the first time I heard it:

"Your mind is like a parachute. It only works if it is open." - Anthony D'Angelo

And really they both relate to each other. Having an excellent imagination and an open mind go hand in hand!

Must post one from my dear Swami Satchidananda: "People often ask me, "What religion are you? You talk about the Bible, Koran, Torah. Are you a Hindu?" I say, I am not a Catholic, a Buddhist, or a Hindu, but an Undo. My religion is Undoism. We have done enough damage (with religious dogma). We have to stop doing any more and simply undo the damage we have already done."

Love. It.

And my favorite made up quote.... "Everyone has issues, some people just have more than others." catchy right?

Make sure to check out everyone else's favorite (or favourite) quotes!

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Laura Flavin said...

loved reading your post beth!

Anonymous said...

I love your quote Beth!
it's fantastic, and wonderful, and true.

Mary Spencer said...

Love Einstein's parachute quote!

Beth Cyr said...

thanks ladies! Mary - you made me realize I forgot to put who that quote was by - it wasn't actually Einstein - though it seems like it!

andrea of ffft said...

LOL... LOVE your post, and LOVE that you put favourite twice :) Every single time I blog I use a word that spell check reminds me will be tsk'd at by American readers... so funny! I always wonder how many of them will know that it isn't actually misspelled.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love the variety of quotes you shared with us! Thanks!

~ Kathleen Krucoff

barbaradonovan said...

All so true Beth! Thank you!

Wendy Kelly said...

Thank you! Feeling more open minded than ever : ) It's going to be a great weekend.

Thomasin Durgin said...

ooooh, Undoism! LOVE That!

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