Saturday, May 14, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival 5.14.11 - Pages from a Sketchbook

So this is a funny and kind of ridiculous topic for me to write about. I just hardly ever use a sketchbook, and if I do a sketch is usually for a piece I am making right then. I suppose if I had times when I could just make something as opposed to having a list of commissions, I would try to sketch things out, write things down etc, to have them fresh and ready to go. Most of the pages in my current sketchbook are notes and tiny sketches from meeting w/ customers. It rarely happens in person, so I don't even have that many pages like these - but I thought it would at least bring another image in to this blog post!

and the rings as they turned out...
for haakan and telma

and I scanned two more pages - these were from over a year ago, but at some point will be a new wedding ring design. I thought they were particular fun b/c you can clearly see my doodle to idea fulfillment process. and on the one page you can see the sharpie bleed through from another sketch. clearly you can see how serious I am about my sketchbooks! haha!

Make sure to check out pages from everyone elses's sketchbooks! (or lack of sketchbook)

Rebecca Bogan
Shirlee Grund
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Michele Grady
Elizabeth Scott
Su Trindle
Evelyn Markasky


Evelyn Markasky said...

It's really interesting to see how everyone works. And how differently too. It just reinforces how there is no one right way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

AdobeSol said...

Great post! Thanks for sharring.