Monday, November 5, 2012

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival - November Edition - Why do you make jewelry?

 This month's topic is quite interesting, and pretty personal actually! But very easy for me to answer as it is something I've thought about a lot and have talked about quite a bit too.

When I went to college, my plan was to be a photography major. The universe had other plans for me and working 3d in metal was something that suited me much better. I like to work with my hands and build things and hammer things and get dirty and dear god, how I love tools.

I'd also thought of becoming a painting major as it was something I really loved too. But the reasons stated above completely won me over.

I love the inherent value metal has. From a marketing aspect, it is fabulous. The value of the metal is there, regardless. AND, it can be melted down again! Try doing that with any other medium. Once paint is on a canvas, it is gone. Yes, it can be painted over, but the cost of the paint is gone. Photos? Don't get my started on the mass of paper I have in boxes from printed photos that weren't quite right (you know, back in the day before digital, when you could process your own photos in a dark room). What can I do with a bad photo? Use it for a fire starter I guess!

I also really like the size of small metalwork/jewelry. I'm a small person and even though I loved working on large sculptural pieces, I often had to ask for help moving or holding something. Small hands lend themselves well to making jewelry. And on the topic of storage... I can store 100 pieces of jewelry in a very small space. 100 paintings? I'd need a storage unit, or a lot of wall space.

Those are all very practical reasons. On an emotional level, jewelry is often something really precious and symbolic. Even just a simple pendant can mean so much to someone. Jewelry often makes women feel beautiful, happy and better about themselves. (maybe men too, I just don't have as many male in the regular jewelry side of my work).

Several years ago, the transition to making wedding rings occurred. It wasn't super conscious, it kind of just happened all on it's own. I had reached a point where I felt like I was just making jewelry. Yes, I could tell myself all these lovely things, but I craved a deeper connection and meaning to my work. Creating wedding rings provides that for me. Something so symbolic and filled with love and meaning is incredibly special to create. I like to think good happy thoughts when I'm working on my rings, thoughts filled with love and devotion and lifetimes filled with happiness. It is one of the reasons I love seeing photos of couples I made rings for (especially their wedding photos). I can't help but think there is a little tiny bit of myself given with each ring, traveling to weddings around the world, allowing people to give a part of themselves to each other.

photo by SHOCKins Photograph

So that's it in a nutshell! Make sure to check out everyone else's posts this month - it's a full month - so enjoy! :)

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