Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Favorite Smell!!

I have a few favorite smells... but I think my all time favorite combo is Lavender Vanilla. Something about that combo is just perfect!

I also really like coconut. Not fake coconut smells, but like actual coconut oil.

Well this might just be the easiest blog topic ever!

The end.

make sure to check out everyone else's!! (I mean, there's only 4, so you really have no excuse!)

Andes Cruz 
Barbara Donovan  


barbaradonovan said...

oh...love lavender tooo! Perfect.

pencilfox said...

scents are quite powerful, especially the natural ones, divinely inspired and not man-made.

Jennifer Vance said...

I've been really warming up to the smell of lavender lately,and vanilla has always been a fave!
Recently I infused unrefined coconut oil with lavender flowers and a vanilla bean,and it smells great.
I've been looking on etsy for some different lavender vanilla body butters and found quite a few nice ones.One lady I got some from,she made a vanilla body butter especially for me that smelled wonderful,and she also makes some with lavender oil,so next time I get some I could mix those two together.This is her shop.
And this is one I've been wanting to try for a while.
Feel free to search "lavender vanilla" in my favorite items if you want!

Susansweaters said...

Lavender is so nice!