Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Oct. 2013 - Do you believe in destiny/ fate/ kismet (etc)?

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank - Oct. edition It's been a loooooong time since I've blogged. apparently.... almost a year! wowza! Do I believe in destiny/fate/kismet? Yes, in a matter of sorts... Do I believe that every action, every happening, every tiny detail is absolutely planned out and no matter what we do, every particular thing is bound to happen? No. not in that sense. I do believe that many things are "meant to be", that there are people we are bound to meet, experiences we are destined to have. I believe that most things happen for a reason, whether large or small. I also believe in free will and the ability to choose. I also believe that we have the ability to make things happen. I don't think that rules out the fact that certain things will happen in our lives regardless of what we do. I think we're here to learn certain lessons and those may come in a variety of shapes or forms. To look back at a string of events and see every detail that led to a current outcome, it is really difficult for me to think that things are just absolutely totally random and pointless. Or maybe it is just that I think life is more interesting believing this way ;) Check out what other people think this month:
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Catherine Witherell said...

It's the same for me when you wrote: "it is really difficult for me to think that things are just absolutely totally random and pointless."

I'm not really sure that everything we believe is true either but it certainly is fun to read what you wrote and see a little bit inside your head.

It's nice to meet you Beth,

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Wow! I've spent a lifetime (well, 58 years) and never found anyone who thought the same way I do. I agree, totally, with what you say. I see this life as a learning curve where we are given... tests (for want of a better word). Our reaction to those tests - what we do next, is what forges our destiny, our opportunity to stamp ourselves on events. Nice blog post!
By the way, I found you through Instructables and checked out your Etsy shop (anyone reading this, please check out Beth's shop. It's awesome!). That chainmaille top must have taken months to make but it is simply incredible. Does it weigh much?


Beth Cyr said...

Thanks Patrick!! The chainmaille top is about 2 lbs of silver! so yes... it does indeed weigh quite a bit! I was fortunate enough to be working on it while in school, so I had lots of time to spend devoted to "making art" as in... making something that will most likely never sell. I think it was probably around a month. I got in to quite a rhythm. thanks again!!